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Peppy Pets
Jan. 22 / 09

Mom and dad Love Me, I'm a little black cat named Gracie Mae

My name is Gracie Mae, I'm a little black cat with a tiny
white bib. I showed up on the front porch in February a
couple of years ago, feeling really bad. I was hungry, so
hungry I was almost too weak to walk. My back leg was
painful and hot and I couldn't walk on it. I felt this
pull toward this white house, and I dragged myself up the
stairs. My soon-to-be-Mommy put her cigarette down and said,
"Ohhhh! Oh, my God! Tim!" Tim was her brother, but my new

I heard them conferring gravely over my condition saying
things like, "God, she fits in my hand!" "I don't know if
she'll live, but we can by God give her a warm place to
die." So they put me in a little heart-shaped basket, and
covered me up and wrapped me around in dishtowels. I was
warm and not scared for the first time in ever.

They gave me canned food to eat, which made the other cat in
the house jealous. I did all I could to say thank you. I
struggled to make the two foot trek to my food alone, and
they applauded. And there came a day when I stepped down
from my perch on the table to the floor, and began to
explore. I found my way to the litter box by smell, they'd
always placed me in it before, and used it. They applauded

My mommy and daddy loved me, and I was happy, and warm, and
the pain was better, even if it never did go away. One day
I got out of the house and ran around in the leaves while my
daddy tried to catch me --- he finally gave up and just
laughed, both of them laughed. I made them happy.

And then I made them both very sad. One day about a year or
so after I joined the family, I began to feel very odd. I
couldn't move, I couldn't control my legs or even my neck
and head.

Everything was very confusing and very scary until this man
pricked me with something and I felt all the bad feelings go
away, as I lay in my daddy's arms. And I slipped away, I
lingered near, trying to tell him that I would see him
later, but somebody warm and friendly picked me up and took
me from him. I wish I could tell them everything is really

Devon, the other cat, is here with me now, too. We play
together, my leg is normal now, and we're not jealous of
each other here. We eat whatever we wish for, or don't eat
at all if we don't want to, we only eat for enjoyment.
There is not cold or hunger here. Nobody knows why me or
Devon died, we both died very suddenly. I wish I could tell
them it doesn't matter.

But I know to them it does. But it'll be ok. We'll see
them later, and we'll run through the leaves again.
Gracie Mae
Devon Paige


My dog Blacky, would say, "How about we play more ball,
and you stop watching that big noisy box in the corner?"

Lynne Kwitek


My little long-haired Chihuahua I'm sure says three sayings
quite frequently. When she has to wait for something to
happen, like go for a walk or get a tid-bit from our supper
dishes. When I say "Katy, you have to wait ", she says,"
Gosh, I get so tired of hearing that word!". When I am
snacking on something chocolate and tell her " You can't
have any of that girl. It's chocolate." I know she says "
What the heck is chocolate anyway?", and last, but not
least, when I tell her "You had better eat some of your
doggie food", she says "O.K. how may kernels do I have to
eat this time before I get anything good?"

Joyce Yost


Dog Training Pointers

Some dogs would rather work for a game with a toy
than for food. Dogs that enjoy activity are easy to teach if
you want them to walk, run, or jump, but not so easy if you
want them to stay still!

When training dogs to do various tricks, most trainers
will hold a treat in their hands. Dogs watch the hands
and with a treat in them.

See our comprehensive site on dog training Here

And for some of the finest, natural treats that
dogs really Love and that are so Goooooooood for them,
check out: Dog Treats (on that page click on the pets logo
on the right center of the page.


New Cat Articles

Alfred and Miss Patches Marie Kitty have been very busy
this month creating new information pages about kitties.

There are 10 new articles on information you must know
before you get your kitty vaccinated. They've also started
to write articles on diseases that you or your family members
can catch from cats. Plus many articles on adopting a
cat from a shelter or taking in a stray, plus new info on
feral cats.

Check out all the New info by selecting the Cats link
at the top of this page


They moved a lot of the kitten stuff to a page of it's own,
and have added some new articles and pictures of kittens
on their new Kitten Care Site Here


Pittsburgh Steelers Dog Jersies

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to the Super Bowl for
the 7th time!

Tippy and Turbo are huge Steelers fans and never miss a game.
They have their very own Pittsburgh Steelers black and gold jersey
which they wears for every game cheering their favorite
players and team on to victory.

Tippy and Turbo think that all canine football fans should have their
own dog jersey to root their favorite team on.

Check out Pittsburgh Steeler Dog Jerseys Here

We also have dog jerseys for every NFL team, even
Arizona Cardinals dog jerseys (boo!) there's
still time to get yours before the big game.

You can also read a short history of the Steelers at the
above link.


The Joys of Being a Dog Mom

My boys (Skeeter and Tobee) saw this poem about a Dog Mom
it most appropriate for your e-letter. I am sure that many
readers will agree when they read it. Keep up the excellent

Sincerely, Tanya, Skeeter, and Tobee Bealmer

You can read the Dog Mom Poem

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