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Cat Appreciation

Month is designated

for January

Peppy Pets: This issue dedicated to the
Fantastically Finicky Feline

Jan. 22 03

January Is Cat Appreciation Month!

Alfred has been one busy feline these past couple of weeks....
that between naps and eating & playing with his toys.

Normally Alfred goes out and patrols the barnyard and
fields making sure no wayward pesky rodent comes
into his domain. But with the unusually cold weather
we've been having here in Southwestern Pa, Alf's
been inside working on putting together some reports
for you on feline behavior.

All of these are Free reports you can have simply by
going to our cat care site

Cat Care Site Here

Ideas For Helping Cats & Dogs Get Along Together

Help....My Cat's Caterwauling Is Driving Me Crazy!

Understanding Your Cat's Communications

What Purring Means

The 12 Tail Signals A Cat Makes

What Makes A Cat...A Cat?

Dear Tippy and Alfred,

I don't know if this is the correct e-mail address to write
to, but, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your
online newsletter. I am a definite cat lover.

Currently I am homeless and I live in a shelter. Whenever I
can I get online to read your newsletter about other
people's pets. The information is something that I can use
when I finally get my own place and some fur kids of my own
again. I love the archives, too. I love reading past
issues. Overall, they are so uplifting and funny to read.

I belong to a cat club on the internet called, "The Purfect
Cat Club" and we are just one big family. Besides talking
about our pets we also talk about each of our lives and
encourage and support each other and I would definitely
encourage others to join the club and become a member of the
friendliest cat club around! Thank you. Login and join at  Tell them Catwoman sent you!!


Sassy found in a cardboard box in the ocean

I sure enjoy your e-mail. Keep up the good work.

I have a cat named Sassy. She was found in a cardboard box
out in the ocean. Some fishermen netted her and brought her

My vet figured she was about 5 weeks old. She was covered
with flies and had diarrhea so bad. The vet couldn't
believe I wanted to keep this little sick kitten. My first
reaction as to say no, I don't. I just wanted to bring her
in to you so I could pay a vet bill. Actually, I said yes
so he gave her some shots and home we went. The diarrhea
kept up for a couple more days and my daughter mentioned a
good cat food from the pet store. I went and got it, put
Sassy on it and within two days, I had a happy spunky

She doesn't like strangers but she is by me everywhere I go
and sleeps with me. She defiantly is my little baby and is
nine years old now. What a Heaven sent blessing for me.

Manny doesn't like his picture being taken.

Panda my Protector Kitty

Hi, Before I was married I was living with my sister and
was terribly allergic to one small kitten she had. A few
years later, I married and we moved to Massachusetts from
Maine. Two years after that, we took in a cat who had a
bandage tied tightly around his neck. And lo and behold, I
wasn't allergic to him.

We ended up taking in about 7 more cats in all, strays. One
though, had feline leukemia and killed off 3 cats. The last
group we took, mother Smudgey was pregnant and had 3
kittens. Now, years later, I only have one cat left, Panda,
who was from that litter, and has been my protector all
those years.

Our condo in Boston was haunted and when my wife died at age
55, Panda spent many nights, very close to me. Many nights
I'd awaken and he'd be there, eyes wide open, paws on my
pillow, protecting me.

It was proven to be a person who had lived on that property
named John Carter. When I retired I moved back to Maine,
and it appears that my home, this time, is not possessed by

Panda and I love to feed squirrels and blue jays in the
backyard. Panda, was 23 lbs, now down to 16, and underwent
a lot of problems including radiation therapy, but is doing
just great now. I give him a couple times a week, one
square haddock, getting rid of the covering on the sides,
and he loves it. My vet says it won't hurt him.

He is my pride and joy, and my reason for wanting to
continue on at age 72. Thank God my allergies passed by, as
your blood changes every several years, or I'd go bananas.
He misses his mother, his brother and sister, and my wife,
Bev, and he is always there for me, giving me the best
reason to live, to help others. One final point: whenever
he goes out, and I have a large fenced-in yard, he comes
back to the dining room door, comes in, uses the poo box,
then goes back out. I have so many beautiful pictures of
all my cats taken through the years and thought about
writing a book, if I can just finish all my genealogical

Thanks for your nice news letter.
Harry Burnham

We miss our Peaches

Just lost my 18-year old cat, Peaches, but he was by far my
favorite cat so far (grew up with dogs but have had cats for
20 years). Peaches was more like a dog. I trained him not to
get on tables and cabinets, he came when I called him and he
laid right next to me when I sat on the couch. At night,
Peaches slept with me curled under my arm "spoon fashion"
just like a person.

Peaches also walked on her cat leash and stretched himself up
standing on his hind legs to drink out of the birdbath. I
have a photograph of him sitting like a person in my
recliner, resting on his back and paw on arm rest and all.

Miss him and so do his sisters, Punkin and Missy.
Sandy Walsch - El Paso, Texas

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