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Mad Cow Disease

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Peppy Pets
Jan. 26 / 04

Mad Cow Disease and Your Pet

Are my pets at risk from BSE-infected pet food?
Discover what researchers are finding out on Mad Cow Disease and

Life's Abundance dog and cat food and Mad Cow Disease

To read more about What's Really in Pet Foods, go here:


Ice Melting Agents & Your Pet

Some substances produced to melt ice and snow have low to
moderate toxicity, depending on the ingredients and amount
ingested. Read the labels and take necessary precautions.
Keep these products stored in tight containers out of your
pet's and children's reach and be sure to remove salt from
your pet's paws immediately.


My puppies, two lovely Shih Tzu's, "Bubba" and "Molly" speak
to me all the time. They let me and my hubby know regularly
that they love us. They tell me when they are ready to go
for their walk... and when they have something to show me. 

I realize it seems funny, but they do communicate, either
through their barks, their eyes, or their paws.... I know
exactly what they want. I am not a pet psychic, just in
touch with me pets, as I imagine all pet lovers are! They
are truly part of our family...and they know it!

Deedee, "Bubba & Molly's Mom"


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Poppins with the Raspy Bark

We recently lost one of our family members, Poppins. She
was a 14 year old beagle mix. When we would talk to her
she would look you in the eye all the time you were speaking
as if to say "I understand", she would nod her head back &
forth, she had such an expressive face.

You would be comforted when you were talking to her when she
would smile and then nudge you with her wet nose-she knew
what you needed to hear.

I still hear her raspy bark. When she barked her front feet
would come off the ground, especially when she had lots to

Yes, Dogs go to Heaven

Hello, My name is Kay and I live in Washington State. My dog
Missy was attacked by a viscous dog in our neighborhood.
When my husband took her to the nearest vet he was very
upset and crying. He carried her into the Lake Tapps
Veterinary Hospital and Missy's back leg was bleeding very
bad. They told he had to wait because there were two people
in front of him. He couldn't believe that they said that and
explained that his dog was bleeding to death and they told
him that they would not help because he was to emotional.

He then drove 5 miles to Sumner Vet and they took him right
in but due to Missy losing so much blood she died. I am so
confused how a vet could not try to save a helpless dog.
Missy was a 8 year old Chow Chow mix and was close to blind due
to a rare disease. She was sleeping in our when attacked.
She has a brother that is so sadden with his sister being
gone that he stands at the gate and cries everyday.

I would like to remind people that use vets that are not
close to there homes to check out the vets in their
neighborhoods to find out the best place to go in an

Thank you for sending out do Dogs go to Heaven. I needed it today


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