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Bear the best dog

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Peppy Pets
Jan. 30 03

Stories about Your Pets

Bear...The Most Wonderful Dog In The World

I have the most wonderful dog in the world. She was given
to me for Christmas in 1998. When I got her she looked just
like a baby black bear, so I named her Bear.

She is so devoted to me it is just unbelievable. She
never leaves my side except to be taken outside for potty

I am handicapped with rheumatoid arthritis and deaf in both ears.
She does my hearing for me when it comes to someone at
the door or outside my apartment and she also lets me know
when the phone rings and when the microwave beeps.

I am quite sure she would let me know if anything were
wrong in my apartment, ie. fire, etc. She is a mixture
of Black Labrador and Black Retriever and Charpei. You can't
see the Charpei unless her hair is cut very short. She has
shiny beautiful fur, and is overall healthy.

As you can see I love her very much and I know she
loves me in return. She was specially trained to do all of these
things when she was 6 months old, so that she could be an
assisting dog for me. I thank God every day that I have her.

Submitted by reader,

Jan Peterson

Thunder came to us one night straight from a cop car. He
still had a long cable around his neck, and the dog-stick.
They thought he was vicious, being mostly a pit bull.

When I met Thunder the next morning, he had been cleaned and
freed by the head of our pet rescue group, but was still so
scared, he hadn't laid down all night, and was shaking so
hard, he could hardly stand.

I looked at him, he looked at me, and gave a big thunderous
"woof"! I said, " Okay, your name is Thunder."

I talked them into taking him for a walk the first day.
Generally, we don't do that right off, but I felt this
fellow needed to know who we all were, and that we weren't
there to hurt him.

From that day on, we found Thunder to be about as
threatening as Ferdinand. His method of protecting you is to
get between you and whatever threatens. That's it. Nice and
quiet. Just watching.

I am happy to say we found a home for Thunder just this
week, that sounds as special as he is.

The Kitty called Moe McGaffer
Virginai Maria Davis

Once upon a time.... My friend wanted me to go to a party at
a bar.. I have always been a home person, even though
becoming a flight attendant by accident. Well, since my
friends are always party-ers - I decided to go with.. It was
about 11P in November & of course, with Chicago's strange
weather, it was about 10 degrees below 0. This beautiful
cat was standing by my car... I decided to warm her up...
She was doing a cold cat dance.

Not being a cat person.. I didn't think of anything except
warming that poor cat up. I let her go after about 1/2 an
hour & continued into the party. I came out at intervals &
there she I would warm her up in my car....Well,
time flew & it was about 1A in the morning & time to go
home.. She was nowhere to be found.... so I opened the door
to go home & as I let my girlfriend in the car... Lo &
behold... there she was.... she jumped on on the front seat
(I had a Doberman Pinscher & a Golden Retriever at home so
I didn't know what lies beyond the car ride).

My girlfriend hated cats... but I mentioned "Its 1AM &
unless you want to walk home - I would keep quiet... Gaffy
sat in the front seat.. happy to get away from the cold
cruel city world & get into a (so she thought "more quiet

Well, my poor dogs... She led the pack... She was the
queen... McGaffer looked like she wore a tuxedo with
black/white fur w/white paws... I loved her. Well, McGaffer
kept me company for many a years. She lived a nice life
(semi long life)& eventually died of a thyroid problem. She
saw me lose my job w/Eastern Airlines, but made life so
worth it. She lived through many more dogs & became the
boss of all.

I can't get another cat, because Gaffy was my love.. I lived
thru heck w/many people.... not understanding my love of
animals..... But when it comes to going to a party or living
for animals... I'd rather (& have more fun) giving a home to
an animal....

Rest in Peace.... Young Lady.... for I know... you are up
there "RAISING Cain".... I will always love you.....

My Little Dog named Mitzi Ann
Katherine Johnson

I had my little dog Mitzi Ann chained to beside our porch a
couple of years ago. We also had several cats (a few
expecting). Mitzi Ann never had a problem with my cats.
She would let them eat out of her bowl before she ate
anything and would let them sleep with her.

Well, I had a couple of my cats to have their kittens and
they were all inside. The next couple of nights I would
find new kittens all over my front porch. None of my other
cats had any kittens and I did not know where they came
from. Mitzi never bothered these kittens she just let them
stay where they were and would cry until I came and got

One night it got really cold and I checked the porch before
I went to bed. I found nothing and it was about midnight.
When I got up the next morning to let the moms out (which
where taking care of their kittens and the others), Mitzi
was going crazy. She was barking at me and running toward me
and then toward her house.

When I went over there to see I found six new kittens in her
house. She had taken them and put them in there and let
them cuddle up to her to keep them warm during the night. I
am sorry to say that they were born to early and only one

Tabby died last year and until her death her and Mitzi slept
in the dog house together. Tabby even took her kittens over
there to play with Mitzi. I am so glad I got Mitzi Ann, she
has been a true Angel to all my cats.
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