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To make your Javanese

Cat happy feed it well

with lot's of attention.

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The Colorful Javanese
By: Baby Kitty and Alfred

The Javanese breed was created by crossing Colorpoint
Shorthair and Balinese cats with Siamese cats. The goal and
successful end of these crossings was a cat with "pointed"
coloration like the Siamese and a long and silky coat like
the Balinese, but that also has points that show unusual
colors and patterns.

The coat of the Javanese is similar to that of the Balinese,
medium-length, fine and silky. They lack a downy undercoat,
which is what makes these cats look sleek despite their
longish hair. Point colors in the colorful Javanese that are
accepted by the breed standard include the traditional seal,
chocolate, lilac and blue of the Balinese as well as
tortoiseshell, red, cream and lynx.

Because of the close relationship and similarities, the
Javanese are considered to be a part of the Balinese breed.
This can be confusing because the Balinese is considered a
division of the Siamese group by The International Cat
Association (TICA). The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) in
1979 recognized the Javanese as a separate breed but then
reassigned it to the Balinese breed.

The Javanese is medium-sized with long, slim legs. They are
in body type long, graceful and svelte but well muscled,
like their Siamese ancestors. The eyes are deep blue and the
head wedge shaped like the Siamese also. Weekly brushing of
the coat is recommended although they can and do keep
themselves clean on their own.

The Javanese, like their relatives, are very social and
"chatty" cats that prefer to be with their people and don't
do well if left alone for long periods. Their voices are a
big softer than the Siamese, though. Javanese are very good
at jumping and are very playful. If they don't receive
enough exercise they can become overweight.

Your Javanese will be happiest when it is right in the
middle of family life, whether lounging in your lap as you
watch television or supervising as you wash the dishes and
chasing the broom as you sweep the porch. It may well endear
itself to the dog and nap happily on its back or simply
enjoy watching your activities owlishly from the top of the
highest piece of furniture in the room.

These cats are directly related to the Balinese and Siamese
and may suffer some of the same health issues as these cat
breeds, but responsible breeders are working to breed these
genetic defects or sicknesses out of active lines and in
general this is a healthy breed.

Picture Javanese Cat

The High Spirited Javanese Cat
Dr. Jane Bicks

Longhaired and active, the Javanese cats are elegant
and inquisitive felines that require frequent brushing.

Javanese cats are also high spirited (occasionally too 
high) and use their B vitamins faster than you can
name them.

A simple remedy is to add 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of
brewer's yeast or torula yeast to their meals.

To help prevent dull, cottonlike coats (a frequent
problem), as well as dry, flaking skin, these cats
should receive a balanced, fatty acid supplement with
zinc once a day.

Hair ball treatment should definitely be given two
to three times weekly, between meals.

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