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The John Deere 80

replaces the R - only

for big acreage Farms

John Deere's answer to the race for more horsepower the Model 80
Diesel Tractor. 57 belt horsepower and weighing in at 7,850 pounds,
made from 1955 to 1956.

As farms grew larger it became obvious that farmers would require bigger
tractors with more horsepower. There was only so many horses that a two
cylinder engine was capable of putting out, so Deere realized the age of
the two cylinder tractor was coming to a close.

Development of newer engines would take years but in the meantime
Deere came out with the Model 80 to help bide time in the race for more

The Model R sold well but with all the improvements Deere developed
in the 50, 60 and 70 series, the R needed a major upgrade.

When the John Deere Model 80 Diesel was introduced it bettered
the Model R by about 17 horsepower and the Model 70 Diesel
by about 15.

The John Deere Model 80 had a new cooling system with water pump,
increased hydraulic power that was now live, live PTO, power steering,
a new center main bearing on the crankshaft, and new 6 speed
transmission with an optional creeper first gear.

The two cylinder diesel engine on the 80 had a bore and stroke
of 6 1/8 x 8 inches, 471 cid, 1125 rpm, compression ratio was 16:1.
At Nebraska the 80 tested at 60.04 drawbar and 65.33 belt horsepower,
setting a new fuel economy record.

The V 4 pony motor introduced on the Model 70 Diesel was used for
starting the diesel engine.

The first production 80 was delivered to the engineering department on
June 27, 1955. The first 80 for sale was delivered August 26.

The Model R had been discontinued in September of 1954. Production
of the John Deere Model 50 and Model 60 tractors had already been
going on for 3 years. The delay of the 80 was due to several factors:
Deere was busy developing the 20 series and also the secret project
of the New Generation of tractors was happening, and Deere
management felt it was better for the 80 to wait until it was
manufactured right before bringing it out.

John Deere 80 Diesel Tractor

In the early 50's Deere engineering conducted testing on a large horsepower
tractor using a 100 horsepower GM diesel engine and a Case LA tractor.

PTO and hydraulics were an option on a new Model 80. The Powr Trol
housing was the same that would be used on the 20 series.

Power steering was an option. However, only 290 Model 80's were built
without it.

There was only one version of the 80 made, the Diesel Standard.
There were no Model 80 Industrial tractors built.
199 Model 80's were exported.

Only 3485 Model 80's were built and the production run only lasted
for one year.

The price of a new 1956 Model 80 was $4205.
Shipping weight was 8150 pounds.

The very first Model 80 built, serial # 8000001
with owner, Gary Koop behind the wheel, and
some lovely hood ornaments that, unfortunately
for 80 owners, were not factory installed.

The tractor is not restored, this is in it's original condition that
Mr. Koop purchased the tractor.

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