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Heidi and Max

Just Want their

Dog Treats


Peppy Pets
07 / 04 / 03

They Just Want Treats

My 3 dogs are my pride and joy. Heidi is a mixed breed
(samoyed, collie, shepherd) that we adopted from the dog pound
when she was 1 and a half years old. She is now 14. She still
gets around well and plays with our little mixed breed also
from the dog pound that I adopted for my husband last Christmas.
She is 1 year old. Heidi and her play constantly.

Max is a purebred German Blood Line German Shepherd.
He is 6 years old. It is constant "play time" at our house.
They have a little bed that was bought for coco when she was
a puppy and it is now used for "TOYS"!!   Of course they do
not like to share toys so they chase each other around the
house all the time trying to get toys from each other. It is very

Also they know they get treats when they come in the house
from outside after they go to the bathroom so they line up
at the treat box after they come in the house. They try to fake us
out sometimes by pretending they have to go out.

We will then let them out and watch out the window. They
stand on the porch for a couple of minutes and then want
back in but none of them went to the bathroom. They just
try to get treats!!!   They are very smart!!!!

Submitted by Carol Aubihl

I have 2 cats, an 8 yr old chow and a new pembroke corgi. My
2 cats are Tigger 16 1/2, and my sons Miss Kitty who is 10.
My Chow's name is Sheba. Sheba has quite a history. I saw an
ad in the paper free to a good home a Chow Chow. I called on it
and learned she was 4 years old with papers and was blonde.

We had lost our chow 12 1/2 years old in June of that year
and had recently lost our husky, shepherd mix at 11 just a few
weeks prior to my call. Our Border Collie was lonely and
moped around after his 2 life long friends passed away. I
called about the chow and learned the lady was moving and
could not take the dog with her. For three days I visited
the chow took her for walks and the last time for a ride in
my car. It was love from then on she would not get out when
I got back to her previous owner. The lady said I guess she
is yours I'll have her papers at my place of work tomorrow.
We had some adjustment with her, as chows do have an
attitude of their own. Most of the time the old dog and her
got along but they did have their differences. I also
learned the chow had been abused by her first owners for 2
yrs. of her life and the lady I got her from worked with her
but when I got her she was still head shy and I could not
brush her. After 4 yrs. of constant love and devotion I can
do just about anything with her. I tell her every morning
when I tie her out "mommy loves you" and I hug her, I do the
same at night. She is still adjusting to the new puppy. There
have been a few growls and snapping but that's about it.

I tell my old cat Tigger I love her. She was found in our
barn 15 yrs ago half frozen and all of her litter dead. Her
ear tips broke off so they are not pointy anymore but the
love she gives us is incredible. She sleeps with us every
night. Miss Kitty is very independent and brings us her kill
to be praised. We tell they are very nice and she's gone to
look for more. We tell her we love her and pick her up to
cuddle her sometimes she likes it other times she wants down
and off she goes.

Meg our new puppy of 13 weeks is so smart. Already house
broken and came home all the way from Colorado with me on
the plane. She was my carry-on. Meg woke us up the first
night at 2 and 4 a.m. to go out we just could not believe it,
she was only 7 weeks old. The only time she's piddled in the
house is when we are too slow getting to her. I pick her up
all the time and hold her and say I love you meg give me
puppy kisses and she kisses my face and ears. Meg is sable
and white and just gorgeous, everyone who meets her loves
her instantly.

Do we LOVE OUR PETS? After reading this I'll let the readers
Ellen Lang


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