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Peppy Pets
July 08 04


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Of course I tell my cats I love them - I tell them so every
day, several times a day! They are beautiful and the loves
of my life. Snowflake (female) is 18 years old and in
chronic kidney failure; she gets subcutaneous fluid
treatments from me 3x a week, during which I tell her over
and over how much I love her and what a wonderful girl she
is! Frankie-Blue eyes is a 4-year-old male who was "dumped"
in my yard a year and a half ago. I've never been able to
understand how anyone can throw away an animal like that.
And he's gorgeous! 

A longhaired cat, mostly white, with a grey cap and a grey
tip on his tail, and the most beautiful light blue eyes. He
follows me around the house like a little puppy - I think
he's still afraid of being abandoned again, but that will
never happen to him again - he's here for keeps

Ana Cruz


Dear All, First, I love your mailings. You do a great job
and bring joy to so many. Thank you. I would love to tell
you about my cat, Midnight, and how I tell him I love him.
Plus, I just love talking about him. He's my baby.

Midnight is a beautiful, or should I say handsome?, domestic
shorthair. He is black with a white blaze on his chest and
the biggest, roundest eyes I have ever seen on a cat. About
9 years ago someone dumped him in front of our house. We
heard car doors and then heard him crying. We went out to
look and there he was. I picked him up and he hugged my neck
and that did it. This happened a little after midnight,
hence his name. He was about 8 months old at the time and I
haven't let go of him since.

I tell Midnight I love him so many times during the day.
Always first thing in the morning he lets me kiss his head
and tell him I love him. The last thing I say to him at
night is," Nighty-nite, Midnight. Mommy loves you." During
the day, when I walk past him, I stop to pet him and tell
him I love him. Anytime I come in contact with him, I tell
him. I also tell him without saying anything. Like sleeping
on the edge of the bed so he has enough room.

When I go to the store I bring him home a treat or a can of
his favorite Fancy Feast. He loves salmon. And before bed he
always gets a treat. And once in a while he lets me play
mousie with him. He loves to have toys put on his head.

Maybe one of these days I'll start to spoil him! I wouldn't
change a thing. Thanks for listening to me brag. I can't
talk about Midnight enough. I thank God every day for having
Midnight choose me. I don't know what I would do without his
company and love. Aren't pets great? Keep up the good work!

Jackie & Midnight Young :) 
Live Long And Prosper


Dear Peppy Pets,

That was very cute and one reminding me I am now seventy
- one and growing older. Spent many years catching snakes,
alligators, and sundry other critters, and now having to
slow down a bit. But, my wife and I get a lot of fun in
your column.

We are trying to decide what kind of doggie we want as a
pet. Not a great big one, but a moderate one that has good
teeth. I am a dentist and would hate to extract a tooth
for a pet dog.

One time, many years ago my first patient in the Totonac
village of Mecatlan in the State of Mexico, was a
German Shepherd, who had suffered a machete, wound to the
face and jaws. His teeth were showing as his facial muscles
were badly cut. I sewed him up with ordinary silk
thread, but the next day his jaw was again wide open, with
all teeth from the molars forward showing. This time I
sutured him up. This time with dental floss. But, put him
in a small cage so he would not scratch out his sutures.
Worked wonderfully well. I was the hero of the dogs owner.

Well, another case of triumph amongst the wonderful Indian
People. God Bless and take care of your animals. There are
some stories about the cotton mouth that hooked me, and the
barracudas I experienced in the Gulf while diving. Every
one should try diving (scuba- that is,) very exciting.
Seems so few people in their seventies and eighties are
diving these days. Just laziness, I suspect.

Hugh and wife, Diana

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