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Helpful Tips

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Peppy Pets
July 09 03


Taking your precious furry friend on a trip? Check out our
fact filled information on Traveling With Your Dog.

Dog Travel Here


Casey Blue goes for a Long Ride

Your tips on Traveling with a Cat. It is obvious you have
actually trained your owner and experienced all those
things. It was great to relate to you. Alfred I cannot
tell you how purrrrfffect you are!

I am a 6 month old Russian Blue, Casey and positively
adorable (I already look grown). I had been on several
"mini' trips within the city to get my owner use to the
idea of the car, pet carrier as well.

Ok time for our big trip from South East Texas up to
Cleveland Tennessee. 19 hours going! Penny, my mom had
thought everything out just so. Towel to lay on for cat
carrier, food dishes, food, water bowl (with lid), water jug
with water, leash, collar, treats, litter, scoop, cat litter box
box, trash bags, toys, paper towels .... whew! I'm tired
already and we haven't left

In the the loaded.....

Mom had not read your article about cats going long periods
of time without food and water so she didn't know I would be

In the carrier, BUCKLED in........(the front seat) which is
a thorough idea in case of an accident, me and my carrier
doesn't go flying forward...... and I settled in for a long
trip to Nappy's House and sleep the majority of the time.
Mom talked to me quite a bit (she needed the company but
also to warn me about "bumps"," rain", noises/things I am
not familiar with. I really was good.

Mom kept stopping trying to get me, Casey to eat or drink.
I wouldn't....she did wet her finger and put to my
lips/teeth for moisture. I got my leash put on and out of
the carrier so I could stretch my
llllllllllonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg legs a bit. The Texas heat is
rough. I am still trying to figure out what the "ground"
is. ha ha

We got to a motel and I investigated the majority of the
night (I know because Mom didn't sleep) worried. I did go
in my litter box, ate, drank a little, etc......tee-tee....

We got to our destination.....I did REALLY well. Pretty
back to my normal self. Mom praised me and "treated" me.
Mom was not as worried coming home this trip 16 hours. She
did not feel she had to stop every hour..

All in all never had making a trip like this with any
one...I think Mom did very well in being prepared. There
wasn't anything that caused me to say "Oh, you forgot that,

I really think you covered absolutely everything! Except
TALKING to your pet while traveling. Your voice helps give
us security that everything is ok!

Once again, Tippy, Alfred, Dave ---you are the best. Keep
up the great work.

Thank you for letting me and Mom share
Casey Blue and his owner, Penny


Pete becomes a Hero

My wife and I had been married less than a year on Memorial
Day in 1992. Our union had brought together two unlikely
buddies in that her "Buffy" a Maltese Terrier mix became
friends with my "Pete" a white Lab mix.

We were in our own neighborhood walking Pete and Buffy when
a large and powerful viscous dog kept by someone in a cage
escaped and attacked us. My wife, Ruth, picked up Buffy,
and Pete was there to defend us. Some may say we would not
have been bothered if we had not been walking our dogs, but
I don't think so. This dog had been a neighborhood problem

That day Pete became a hero as he fended off the brute (who
was larger, stronger and more of a fighter.) until the owner
came and took his dog back into control. Pete stands tall
in our hearts and memories still for his heroic actions more
than eleven years ago.

Russell Terry Powell


I have 3 cats, Hermie 15, Bernard 14, & Sammie 4. I tell
them I love them all the time. And you know I think they
understand what I am saying. They give you that look, of
pure love on their little faces. I think they know when I
tell them, I love them. 

Hannah Baker

Dave You will never know how much my pets mean to me.
They are my children to me and each day I hold one or
give them attention and talk to them I could almost
say that they answer me back. They are never far from
knowing how I feel. If I am ill or upset they are
always right there to give me comfort in their own
special way that I truly believe God give them this.
I am forever love know matter what I say or do and
they are my special and best friends but most of all
they are my children.

In The Love of Jesus
A True Pet Lover
Cindy Hinck

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