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Little Sammi Sammi

Ding Dong & Sasha


Peppy Pets
July 29 04

I am currently owned and operated by a 3 year old Choc. Lab
named Scooby, 3 year old mini Dachshund named sammi sammi
ding dong, a 12 year old standard doxie named sir nicholas,
a 2 month old Golden Retriever named Sissie, a 2 month old
Golden Retriever named Shaggy, a 2 month old Golden
Retriever named Noelipoli and a teil named Kirby.

I am a retired Marketing Company President for a Fortune 500
Company. Retirement was empty for me until my pet family
came along. I have always had a pair of doxies, but
expanded my family because I am happiest in a sea of
unconditional love and acceptance. My pet companions fill
my days with love, fun and family.

The newest to adopt me (the golden retrievers) are just
wondrous in their view of the world, everything is so new
and exciting for them. Sir Nicholas, the old man, has taken
everything in stride and seems to be the group leader of
sorts, Scooby, the choc. lab thinks she is mother to the
retrievers and nurtures at every turn. She is a surprise by
sharing her toys, something she is not used to but now does
happily. She takes them to babies, drops them and plays
with them. When the kids are tired, she puts them to bed,
picks up her toys and has a bit of a nap for herself.

Little Sammi Sammi Ding Dong, the smallest of the group,
thinks the best thing to do when swamped in a sea of golden
children is to wiggle, jump and kiss, but be very wary of
sharp little teeth on doxie girl ears. Guess you can see
that our little family is a happy one. Kirby just whistles
his tunes (He is learning "we are off to see the wizard")
and watching the activity.

I am so mindful of their diets and when I stumbled on your
site I was absolutely thrilled. Because the Hunter Gather
Human they have adopted has a huge responsibility for their
care and nutrition. Something the Hunter Gatherer doesn't
take lightly. Therefore my order will be coming through
Monday morning for the little ones. I have spent years
making their food from organic ingredients and added
nutrients because I do not trust the over the counter pet
food market to give them what they need. Perhaps this will
give my blender, juicer, dehydrater, etc. a bit of a rest.
Thanks for letting me brag about my canine partners in life.
Just love to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stephanie Bohlken

When we first got Sasha, I was skeptical at first. I've
never owned a dog and was attacked by one when I was a
child. My husband assured me that our new puppy would be a
wonderful and loving dog because it is the people who raise
the dog that influences it's behavior.

I was still a bit unsure. We had 4 cats already and I
didn't think getting a dog was the best idea. But I gave
in. Once we got to the shelter I knew my mind was
changed...all those cute puppies, how could I say no. My
husband went right to the cage where there sat 3 shepard/lab
mixes...he chose the only female in the cage. He took her
out and put her on the floor...walked away a few feet and
called her. She ran right to him...yelping her little puppy
bark. He was sold right there. He picked her up and put her
in my arms so he could fill out the paperwork and pay for
her. As I held her I looked into her eyes and it felt as if
I could see into her if her eyes were telling me
it would be alright and she would be my best friend.

Well, it's been almost 4 years since we got Sasha...and her
eyes were right...she is my best friend. We've been through
a lot...she had some chewing problems at first, but as soon
as she turned 2 all of those problems stopped. She is our
friend, protector and playmate. We've since had two
children and Sasha is so very patient and tolerant with the
kids. Our daughter Jessica who is 15 months old walks
around the house saying "Kaka" (which I'm sure means Sasha).
Jessica lays down nest to her and pets her and constantly
feeds her from the high chair. But the most interesting
thing to watch is when they both think they aren't being
observed. Sasha lays on the floor and lets Jessica lay on
top of her and fall is so heartwarming it brings
tears to my eyes. To a person who has always been fearful
of large dogs, this is the most amazing thing I've ever

No matter how long Sasha remains in our lives, I will always
remember her as my first dog... she will have a special place
in my heart forever.


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Jean-Luc Picard One Pretty Cool Conure Parrot
Diane Van Heldorf

My "baby boy" was 6 years old this past July 15. He is a
wonderful pet. Whenever I enter my home after having been
gone he says either "Hi Baby" or "Hi Sweetie." He announces
each time he has to "use the potty," and asks everyone when
going into the bathroom' "Are you going to go poo poo"? He
sings many songs--adores the Bee Gees, and always dances to
"You Should Be Dancing." He watches dog shows on tv.

He eats anything that I give him and especially announces
his favorite by saying "Want some pop?" He also loves
popcorn and any kind of salted chips which he calls, "chip
chips." Before he announces "time for bed" each night we
have "lovey-dovey time," at which time he stretches out on
my chest and murmurs love words. He also takes this time to
learn new words. Right now he is learning "Come on Baby
Light My Fire." (I love the Doors too.) I rub his "heady"
every night, and such a look of ecstasy one can't describe.
He is a great companion and he is a non-sqawking, very well
behaved bird.

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