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Mai-coh: part wolf

part German Shepherd

Navajo for Wolf

Peppy Pets
June 03, 04

25% Wolf, 75% German Shepherd

Hi - my name is Connie and I have always had a fascination
with wolves. I learned a couple years ago that I could
purchase a dog that was mixed with a wolf. There are a lot
of breeders that bred the wolves to Siberian Huskies but I wanted
one that bred the wolf with a German Shepherd. I spent
months reading different books about Wolf Hybrids, some of
them were positive some were negative. I finally decided
that I would get one that was 50% or less wolf.

Next I had to find a good breeder. I searched the internet
for breeders, contacted quite a few that were more than
willing to sell me the hybrid, the only thing I had to do
was send the money to them and they would send me the dog!
Obviously I did not use any of those breeders. I finally
found one in Ohio (my parents live there), called Chaparral
K-9. They spent hours on the phone talking and questioning
me about the reasons I wanted the hybrid. They helped me
choose what a good percentage would be for me, then sent me
the pictures of the litter. I immediately fell in love with
a little female and told them that she was the one I wanted.
I set everything up to go pick up the pup and go through
their required training. When I got there they told me that
this was the only pup the mother had that looked like her
and they wished they had not promised her to me. The
breeder actually cried when I left with the pup.

I searched for a good name for her and ended up with Mai-coh
which is Navajo for wolf (or witch, they believed witches
would possess the wolf).

Since day one she has become my best friend, she always
listens to me when I want someone to talk to and she seems
to know whenever I'm troubled. She will come lay beside me
and put her paw on my face. She has helped me get through
my separation, and she is getting ready to move one more
time from where we are now (staying in a friend's apartment)
to a townhouse 22 miles away. She adjusted well from the
first move (we lived in 3000 square foot house, 3 stories,
moved to 2 bedroom apartment!) I know she will adjust to
this move also.

Anyone who ever has doubts about the loyalty of a hybrid
they can put their minds at ease. They are family and pack
oriented. The only difference is you have to prove that you
are the Alpha from the start and make sure you train them

That's all for now. Thanks for listening to my story!

Connie Chochard


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Lucky Girl
Cathy Combs

Lucky Girl makes cat number twelve. I believe she makes
number eight that has been rescued from people who just
didn't want them anymore and just left them or dropped them
off. Lucky Girl is the saddest of them all.

At one time I believe her owners loved her very much. She
is declawed (all four paws) and fixed. When they left town
her owners tied her to a bed post and left. If the owner of
the house hadn't checked on the rent owed she probably would
have died. He turned her loose in the house but somehow got
outside. My brother told me about her and how she had been
mistreated. I knew I had to get her so I sat off trying to
do this.

I work the afternoon shift as a nurse in a nursing home so
after work the first night at 12:30 am I'm trying to catch
this cat. It's a wonder someone hadn't called the law on
me. Living in Ohio in the winter can be very cold. We had
just had a big snow storm and were receiving a few nice days
before the next storm was due. I knew I had to get her
before then.

I spent the next afternoon before going to work trying to
get her but she kept getting through my fingertips. Finally
I left the door open on the house and that night after work
I went by the house again. With flashlight in hand I went
into the cold house and began calling her. I heard this
small meow and went to her.

I thought I would have another chase on my hands but she
came right up to me as if to say "Take me home, please."
That night I spent two hours brushing and cutting burrs from
her long calico fur. I believe that she tried to free
herself by rubbing her front legs on the rope that tried her
to the bed as the fur is missing from the inside of her
legs. With time it will grow back out.

Lucky Girl has a way to go as she needs to put on some
weight. She is nothing but fur and bones. I think that she
ate non stop for the first 24 hours. She spent the first
two nights in the bathroom with the door closed while I was
at work. I was afraid the other cats and dogs would fight
with her. Today she came downstairs on her own and the
other animals seemed to accept her.

How could someone who used to love her leave her tied to a
bedpost is just something I will never understand. She is
such a loving cat when you hold her and talk to her she has
a non stop purring motor. Also, from that house I rescued
five gold fish that were left in a bucket. They now lived
in a 55 gallon fish tank with my other fish.

I live in Ashland, Ohio and I'm proud mother to twelve cats,
three dogs and a 55 gallon fish tank full of fish. I have
three grown children, three grandchildren and one due in

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Males are normally slimmer and the female slightly more bulky,
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adult fishes and the best time to tell them apart is during
spawning time. The female is recognized by her abdomen
being swollen with eggs. The male has round spotted white
pimple-like markings all around the gill cover, body and head area.

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