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The Wrong Way

To Feed A Cat

Peppy Pets
June 17 04

Feeding a Cat: Find out what's wrong and what's right
By: Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Cat Feeding Tips:

Don't feed your cat the way you would feed a dog
or a human being so keep on reading to find out more
good tips on feeding a cat.

Probably the biggest mistake people make about
feeding cats is thinking that because both cats and dogs
have paws and fur and often live as pets in the same
household, their care and diet are the same. Wrong!

* Adult cats need almost five times more protein than do
adult dogs.

* Cats require the amino acid taurine (which dogs do not)
and must have it in their daily diet.

* Cats need a daily intake of more B vitamins than dogs.

* Dog food is nutritionally deficient for cats!

A second mistake is the belief that what's good for people
must be good or better for cats. Wrong!

* Canned tuna, which is fine for people can kill a cat if fed
as a daily diet.

* Cats have uniquely high nutritional needs for meeting their
daily energy (k-cal or calorie) requirements with quality,
high biological value protein.

For more great info on cat and kitten care,

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The Purr-Fect Food for Cats

Kitten Care

We are Pooky's Slaves and She Knows It!
Donna Hanson

I called my Vet, looking for a kitten. We had been pet less
since our poodle of 17 years died and that was 10 years ago.
He told me that a man brought this kitten into the Vet this
morning and would I be interested for it would be a project.
If I wasn't the man wanted them to put it down.

Well I couldn't hear of that so I said we would take it and
then they told me about the project. The kitten was 5 days
old. We met at the grocery store parking lot and when she
got out of the car, all I could hear from this tiny thing
was putt. putt. putt, trying to purr.

That was it. We took her home, bottle feed her, potty
trained her and now she weighs 14 pounds, solid black, with
gold eyes and long hair a Maine Coon cat.

She is the light of our life for we are retired, no children
and I don't know what we would do without her. She is so
spoiled, we thought we would get her a companion but that
didn't go over at all. She is the Queen of the house. She
has a toy box, full. A 10 foot tower that she sits at and
talks to the birds outside, a $200.00 litter box and totally
rules the roost. We are her slaves and she knows it.

She is now 3 years old. Her real name is Spooky for she is
solid black, but Pooky for short. She doesn't like the
garbage man, she growls when he shows up also the UPS man.
When I first heard her growl I was pretty surprised. When
the door bell rings she runs down the hall and hides under
the bed. If she recognizes the voice she comes peeking out
around the corner. What would we do without our pet, our
companion and our friend. Thanks


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Missy, the Queen of all Cats
Howard Finkel

I have no story... I just have the most beautiful cat in the

I have a chocolate Sealpoint Siamese, enough said. She is
perfect in every way. She was gotten from a champion breeder
almost 3 years ago, and she has lived up to every expectation.

She is the QUEEN of all kitty cats ..... enough said!


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