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Westminster Best

in Show

Peppy Pets
June22, 2009

The Bark of a Champion.....
An Interview with Stump

as appeared in AARP magazine

Sit back and enjoy this Exclusive interview with
Stump, a Sussex Spaniel, Westminster's "Best in Show" champion.

Q. So, Stump, you've been retired for five years, but
your handler showed you because you "look great".
What's your secret?

A. I'm all natural. No Botox for the Stumpster. No
jowl lifts or steroids or canine growth hormone. I eat
right and take care of my coat. Ten is the new five in
dog years.

Q. You have such great ears.

A. They swoosh around when I run. There's a shot of me
at Westminster where I look like Fabio (laughing).

Q. You nearly died from a bacterial infection. How hard
was that?

A. The infection was in my heart valves, and I also had
pulmonary edema. it definitely changes your perspective.
(Stops to lick himself)..... I think it was F. Scott Fitzgerald
or maybe Benji who said "Vitality shows in not only the
ability to persist but the ability to start over."

Q. Were you worried about competing again?

A. Don't forget: I won 50 competitions in 2003. Remember
when George Foreman won the heavyweight title at age
44? That's me. I'm a four legged Foreman.

Q. So many dog show fans raved about your personality
and charisma.

A. It's part of being a Sussex Spaniel. We're known
for our cheerfulness. Big Ears and big personality.
(Laughs) It's hard to define star quality, but I just
have this presence, you know?

So when I walk into a room, or if I'm on stage, everyone
goes, "Whoa - who is that?" Oprah, Obama, Bono.....
Stump! I'm in that same category. I'm like a really
hairy Brad Pitt. (Laughs, then licks interviewer.)


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Your Pets on the Internet

Angel an Adorable Chihuahua

Angel is a very Cute Chihuahua and one of our subscribers. She
is a big fan of Tippy's newsletter and web site. Angel is
very special because she is also a celebrity on the
Internet and elsewhere. Angel is deaf and spends her free
time promoting and helping other deaf dogs.

Her blog is 

And, thanks to her human companion Helen for what
she is doing to help our fellow furry friends. Please
visit her blog and tell Angel you heard about her
from Tippy and Alfred's newsletter.


 Odie, Brandy, Biscuits, Gracie, Tuxedo, Hannibal, Church, Alabaster

Well, it all started about a year ago, when my daughter
brought home a homeless brown tabby cat, who we named
biscuits (for obvious reasons, she loved to "make biscuits"
on your lap, in the air, on the furniture, etc.). About six
months later, a co-worker found a silver tabby that had been
abandoned by her next door neighbor. We brought her home,
and named her Gracie.

Earlier this year, Biscuits accidentally got out of the
house, and disappeared. We thought she was gone for good, so
we took our daughter to get "one" replacement kitty. Long
story short, we brought home four more. We had good
intentions, but my heart went out to Hannibal and Church.
These two were nine years old, their owner passed away about
nine months earlier, and they were stuck in cages, homeless
cause no one would adopt them because of their age. Hannibal,
an orange tabby, was filled with personality and I couldn't
bear to leave him. They gave us a package deal: "If you
take Hannibal's sister, Church, we'll give you two for the
price of one." I couldn't refuse. Church was a beautiful
solid gray kitty, a little skiddish, but I couldn't leave
her either cause she and Hannibal had been together since

In the meantime, my daughter had picked out a black and
white kitty (Tuxedo) about 7 months old, that she'd fallen
in love with, was very thin and sickly, but beautiful and
loaded with love. So, we brought her home too.

As we were packing up and checking out, a friend of ours
walked in to pick up his cat, whom he'd brought to be
adopted out because he couldn't get along with the cat he
already had. He told us we could have his cat (Alabaster, a
cream Persian). He is now my husband's cat exclusively!

Two days after we brought everyone home, Biscuits showed up
on the front porch, none the worse for wear.

So, we have a busy house, with two dogs, six cats, three
kids and me and my husband!


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