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We are Cat Lovers

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Peppy Pets
June 27 03


That's My Baby Cat Rascal

My girlfriend's cat was due to have a litter any day and I
was just as excited as she was at the prospect of seeing
"tiny faces" enter the world. Both she and I are cat lovers and
would do just about anything to save a cat from harm.

Well, the "blessed event" arrived but the young mother was
having trouble with labor and would just deliver the kittens
in their sacks and move away without doing anything to break
their umbilical cords or clean out their lungs.

My girlfriend called me in a panic at 11pm and said she
thought that the kittens were going to to die because momma
didn't seem interested in her babies.

I went right over to her house and into the bathroom where
momma had decided to have her kittens in the linen cabinet
and found two kittens ice cold and struggling to breathe
while my girlfriend was trying to cut the cords with nail clippers
and clean the sacks off with a towel.

I love to watch the show "That's My Baby" on Animal Planet
which shows the births and problems animals have and how
people help the babies survive.

My mind instantly reviewed what I had seen on the show
and I started telling my friend how we had to keep the babies alive.

We made hot water bottles out of soda bottles and placed
them under towels in a drawer from her dresser. We briskly
rubbed each chilled body until it started to cry good and
loud and I showed her how they cleared the fluids out
of their tiny lungs so they could breathe.

One tiny kitten came out not breathing and we spent 20
minutes working on him to stimulate his tiny lungs and warm
his cold body. We even blew shallow breaths into his muzzle
to give him forced air.  We were rewarded by his cry and
his little claws digging into our hands as we placed him
into our make-shift nursery box to warm up.

At 3:30 am mommy was finished delivering 5 kittens. And
we were able to get all five "tiny faces" to survive and be
nursed by mom. Now the kittens have moved on to loving
homes and are happy and healthy. My sister has one and
so does my neighbor.

The little one who wasn't breathing is now living upstairs
and is named Rascal, a name which he is truly living up to
with his climbing antics. I was part of a miracle
that night and that feeling will be in my heart forever.

Submitted by Laura Watchers

Dragon Cat

Miss Cleopatra

I am writing to just relay how important it is to not take
our pet's affection for granted. My cat, Miss Cleopatra, has
been a true life-saver for me in the last year. I found
myself suddenly alone after my husband and I separated, and
then one night I found a stray kitten in a parking lot on
the way home. When I opened my car door, she immediately
stumbled over my way and allowed me to pick her up and take
her home. I was at the Vet's office the very next morning,
where I found out that she was a Siamese breed, and
abandoned at only 4 weeks old.

Taking care of the little one kept me busy and happy for
weeks, then as if over night she grew to a healthy adult of
12 lbs. My cat has always sensed when I am particularly
sad, lonely or feeling anxious, even from the first day I
brought her home. She cuddles and purrs constantly, and
loves to chase me and the vacuum around the house for
exercise. I don't think I could have gone through my divorce
and other stresses without her. She has become my

I believe it was fate that we saved each other!

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