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Gaining an Understanding

of Dog & Cat

Skin Problems

Peppy Pets
June 30, 2003

Does Your Pet Have Skin & Coat Problems?

By far the most common disorders experienced by
our faithful dog and cat friends involve the skin and coat.

Hot spots, bare patches, feline acne, dull-looking fur,
itching, bumpy rashes, scratching, shedding, bad smells, dandruff,
pigment changes, matting and tangles, all can reflect
nutritional problems.

If you would like to find out more about how you can
ease skin and coat problems in your pet, please select either of the
links below.

What You Can Do To Alleviate Skin & Coat Problems

Skin Problems:  What's Normal and What's Not:

Kim & Lee Kaai

We have 2 "tuxedo" cats, twin brother and sister, named
Buddy and Sassy. They each earned their names by being
themselves. This story is about Buddy, our curious,
affectionate water loving boy.

We got Buddy, and Sassy, when they were 8 weeks old. Within
one week Buddy's curiosity got the better of him one day,
and upon answering his cries of distress, we found him
floundering in the toilet. After being dried and fussed
over for a while, he was back to his quiet self.

Not the least bit discouraged, Buddy tried it again about a
month later. Since then whenever anyone, my husband, myself
or one of our 5 children, get out of the tub/shower, Buddy
is right there. He loves to get in and splash the water on
the bottom of the tub, and he loves to watch the water drip
out of the faucet when we shut off the shower.

Funny thing is, Buddy hates to get his paws wet! He lifts
and shakes off each of his paws as he splashes around in the
tub. It sure is a funny sight to watch him lift and shake a
paw only to smack the water with it again. Even sillier is
he loves to get his body wet. We splash his sides and back
with water and it doesn't bother him a bit.

I guess we now know not to judge a book by its cover...or a
cat by its fur.

18 cats, 11 horses, 2 dogs & Mom & Dad makes 33 of us!
Mikey, Danny & the GANG!
Vickie Stevens

Hi, My name is Mikey. I am the oldest cat in the family at
11 years. I am the master. I have a beautiful reddish
yellow & white fur coat that I keep clean all day long. My
mom has allowed 17 other kittens that were left on our door
step in the last 10 years to grow up with us. I would
rather she didn't but they all know who is KING!

Besides me Mikey there is Mickey & Max, Sylvester & Grey
Kitty, Blackie with one blue eye and one green eye, Tommy
(yellow Garfield kitty), Summer, Tia & Bubba & Pedro &
Violet, (Leo & Tazzie & Spanky went to live with other
families), Baby Doll, Tiger, Abbey & Teddy & Tuffy & Travis.
Of course we all get neutered & spayed.

Then there is Mom & Dad. Daughter Nikoel has lived away from
home for the last 5 years now. We all miss her. There has
been one member to pass away that I knew from day one when I
showed up all alone at 5 weeks old, that was Nestle (little
black spaniel) she passed away at 14 in Dec 98. I
spent my whole life up to that time with her. She was my
best pal and Mom's too. Now I am Mom's best Pal. I like to
play Paw Ball with a piece of dog food in the bathtub, I
really love the little catnip pillow from Alaska and I
regularly hold down Mom's lap!

Outside there are 11 horses beginning with Danny the Arabian horse
stallion at 26 this April. Then several mares Fona, Posey,
Kyrstle, Sha Mara, from 25 down to my 2 beautiful daughters
with flaxen manes and tails at 1 yr in June and 7 in May;
Maiya & Mokka. We are a talented group where 5 of us (all
males) make FACES at feeding time, that of course includes
me, Danny. Alo, Phoenix, General, Cimmarron. We are lucky
here. When mom gets a new family pet/member they get to
live their entire life in one family home.

Then there are Kwai (1/2 Akita & Border Collie) age 11
(Kwai was a rescue dog at 1 yr old) and Mandy (1/4 Brittany
& 3/4 Springer Spaniel) at 14 has spent her whole life with
this one family.

That makes 33 of us including Mom & Dad. We are all very
lucky and a lot of love goes around, we take good care of
each other as well as keep each other well entertained.
Thanks for the chance to tell our life story.

You can see some of our pics on this site: My Fine Equine &
Friends at

Cimmarron with his faces is on the front page. Then Danny
and then on the Pet pages is Mikey and Blackie. Then there
are more of us on the inside. Hope you can visit us there.

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