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Protect your Malayan Cat with these nutritional recommendations.
By: Dr. Jane Bicks

A purebred Malayan cat is a bit more assertive
than a Burmese, but it's nutritional needs are
the same.

The Malayan cat breed is prone to ocular discharge, so supplementing 
the diet with vitamin C, 100 - 200 mg daily, or an
antioxidant formula, is recommended. I've found
this helpful in averting potential eye problems
and clearing up those that already exist.

For continued coat beauty, feed an alternative 
high quality premium cat food plus a supplement that enhances 
the beautiful coat or your Malayan cat and protects from allergies.

Torula yeast and garlic or brewer's yeast is the
perfect healthy treat.

Check out this Cat food for Malayan Cats:
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Hairball Management Solutions for Malayan Cats

The Colorful Malayan Cat - Personality Plus!

The Malayan Cat is a breed of Burmese cat that is
distinguishable by its hair color. The Malayan breed was
born when purist breeders felt that any of color except
sable should be classified separately. The Malayan cat comes
in many color variants including blue, champagne and

The Burmese cat's roots have been tracked back to cats that
roamed the Buddhist Temples of Burma around the 16th
century. In 1930 a physician named JC Thompson imported the
first Burmese cat to the United States. Wong Mau was a
mahogany brown cat with yellow eyes. Once Burmese cats were
bred in the United States certain colors were considered not
desirable and were placed into their own breed, which is how
the Malayan cat came to be.

Although the purebred Malayan can be a bit more assertive
than a Burmese, it's nutritional and hygiene needs are the
same. This feline is medium sized and has a single coat
which is safe for some allergy sufferers.

The Malayan has a very sturdy muscular body and as an adult
will weigh anywhere from 8 to 14 pounds. This cat is smart
and has a very playful personality. The Malayan also keeps
its energy levels intact from kitten hood to adulthood. Many
describe this cat as dog-like, and most Malayans love to
play catch and fetch.

In general the Malayan is a healthy cat, although the breed
does have a higher than average rate for diabetes. These
cats are also related to the Siamese which means they could
be more prone to respiratory infections and cardiomyopathy.

This cat does not usually have the typical feline
personality of wanting to be self sufficient. The Malayan
cat is a people lover, it wants to get right in there in the
middle of the fun. This cat loves and craves attention and
can even get a little noisy at times when it doesn't think
it has your attention. Although they can be a little more
high maintenance than some other cat breeds there is no
doubt this cat will be completely devoted to you and you
will be constantly entertained by its antics.

In closing, if you are looking for a cat with a lot of
personality the Malayan cat breed might be the one for you.
The Malayan is a great pet for families or people that are
high energy or those that don't mind taking time out every
day to show him or her a little love. The Malayan is easy
to groom and even some people with allergies have no issue
being around this cat. It has relatively few health problems
and has a sturdy body frame. The Malayan breed is certainly
a well rounded choice for a feline friend.

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