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Uncovering the

Awful Truth about

Testing on Animals

Peppy Pets
March 04, 04

If you were an animal, this Could be Your Lucky Day.....In Hades!

We find the practice of testing on animals to be morally
reprehensible. If you have a weak stomach, do not read
how our precious animal companions are being treated. This by
some of the large companies, including many well known
pet food manufacturers.

Imagine yourself chained to a post, unable to move
with a very sharp knife drawing closer and closer to your
throat......there is no scream..... or
having a toxic chemical repeatedly thrown into your eyes......

The only escape is death........

Here's the personal account of one of our readers who actually
worked at an animal testing facility and first hand witnessed
some of the atrocities being perpetrated against helpless animals.

Dear Dave,
This is the saddest but truest issue.  You know that I
have been a faithful reader of your column for quite a
while now and I want to tell you of one of Procter &
Gamble's famous experiments.

I only ask if you reprint what I say that you do NOT use my
name or my location.  I quit when I saw this happen, but was
forced to sign a document  of confidentiality with P&G to
never let this out.  Dave I have to trust you on this and
I believe that I can.

I worked for Procter and Gamble at the xxxxxx and
xxxx plants located in xxxxxx.  I was there as security,
emergency medical services and fire department (I am a
paramedic and a fire fighter).  I was sent to another plant
just outside of xxxxxxx almost to the Indiana border one
shift for security--there  had been protestors and they
needed extra security.

I went begrudgingly because I had heard of the sickness
that went on out there,  but I had a job to do.   When I
arrived I was given a quick tour of the building including the

I was not permitted into the rooms where the animals were
caged.  They were locked and had key card access so I was
told that I did not have to check these rooms (If there had
been fire, I wouldn't have been able to get in there either
to my knowledge).

As I started my rounds ( I had to swipe a magnetic strip
with a wand to show where I had been and make notes of
anything unusual) I came to a lab where people were working
(if you want to call it that).

My strip was in the back of the room and so I had to walk
thru all of this.  A man in a lab coat was holding down a bunny
and dropping liquid in it's eye with a dropper.  I asked if they
were testing for the Tide plant (I knew they were) and he said
yes, that it was the new bleach that they were going to be using
in the liquid Tide.

He was very open with me because I told him that I had come
over for extra security from xxxx and xxxxxxx.  I acted as if
this didn't bother me.

He told me the bunny didn't feel it (although the animal
squirmed and made a terrible guttaral noise) and was
squirming because it didn't like to be held.

He also told me that the bunny was blind from all of
the testing they had done to it and but 'at least they would
know if the product was safe or not'.

I threw up right there in the lab.  I pulled my badge
off my shirt (I was hired by xxxxxxx Security) and
threw it on the ground and told the entire lab that I was
done with this savage company.

When I went back to the guard room, I took off my shirt
(xxxxxxxx property) handed over my wand, and told the other
guards (some had come with me from the other plants) that
I could not stand by and quietly watch this happen.

Then I quit.   I was detained until a suit from downtown HQ
could bring out the form for me to sign. After I did, I walked
out and was applauded by the protestors (they had seen me
come in and knew I was security-when I came out I said that
I had quit).

The only thing that brought a smile to me that day was the
fact that one of the protestors was none other that
Mr. Gamble's grandson (or great grandson) and he
proudly wore his name on his shirt so EVERYONE could
see how he despised what his family had worked so hard
to build.

He also told me that he had refused his trust fund but was
forced to take some of the money "to live on".  He gave what
he called 'blood money' to PETA and had a job that paid
his bills.

So yes, P&G DOES do this stuff--It's documented and
I've seen it with my own eyes.  It's also documented
that I quit on duty at that plant.

Please Dave--again--do not use my name or location as
I may be brought up on charges against a company that
I wouldn't have a chance in hell against.  It's common
knowledge that P&G is based in Cincinnati.  That's on
the back of almost every product they make, so feel
free to use that if you like.

My house is P&G free and it will stay that way as long
as I have anything to say about it.

Submitted by:
A Very Concerned Reader

If you are currently using pet products by any of these companies:

Ralston Purina
Waltham  (Pedigree)
Proctor & Gamble (Iams & Eukanuba)

We highly suggest you do some serious research on your
own and find out for yourself how they use animals in testing.

We at Pet Care Tips absolutely refuse to use any products
manufactured by the above companies because of their in-humane
treatment of our friends.


Dear Tippy & Alfred,

I agree 100% this this letter, that’s why I am going toxin
free in my whole house…if anyone want to know about it
please get in touch with me….they haven't made
anything toxin free stuff for animals yet, but I'm sure they
are working on it…please inquire at
and thank you .
sharon linn kearns


One home and health products' company that does NOT
test on animals is Melaleuca. All of it's products are
environmentally safe and friendly. They have everything from
drain cleaners to vitamins to mascara, and more.
Shari L. McCormick Secretary, Marketing &
Communications314.592.2348 or800.727.4475, ext. 2348


When I read your stories about animal research in general
and at Iams in particular, I was upset but not surprised.
Humans inhumanity against other humans and animals has
been with us from day one. These days we have salesman
telling us why a war (Bush) is justified and why the way animal
research is done is for the good of pets, etc.

Years ago I read Martin Goldstein's book on holistic pet
care. When I read about what goes into pet food, we
stopped buying any brands and have been cooking for
our dog ever since. On the other hand, we have been
buying Iams' biscuits. Your stories included some rather
horrible examples of what is being done at Iams.



I was sick after reading the article on IAMS products and
the atrocities.

I wrote them a letter and they answered it promptly. They
said that they move the 19 dogs out of that horrible lab but
I am still not sure where these dogs are going. I am praying
that they will be put up for adoption.

Thank you.
Jeanne Johnstone


I truly enjoy the daily newsletter when I open at work. I am
a 3 cat owner and have owned a German Shepherd years
ago and breed Afghan Hounds in the 80's, which is my
long range dream to own a Afghan kennel someday. I'm in
general just an animal lover and always have been and
after reading today's data about Proctor & Gamble via
the kind lady to tell us her story, I was truly appalled
and started to cry at my desk.

I cannot believe that this day and age that scientist or
bioscientist's have to still use innocent creatures to test on.
Talk about cruelty and abuse. I would love to get involved
in the protesting and definitely boycotting all (P & G)
products in my household!

I'm actually hurt inside at this moment feeling the pain of
all those animals. It's sad when we help the whole world
but in our own backyard we cannot clean up the devil's work in
these meat factory's.
Debora Tsakalos

P.S. I'm sending P&G a nasty letter! and our government!!!


hi I emailed iams twice to tell them how disgusted I was that
they do these horrible tests on dogs, cats and rabbits..
can you tell me why they do this and why do they use dogs,
cats n rabbits.. I love animals so much and this makes
me sick to think especially mans best friend is
abused this way... any animal in fact...
thank you 4 sending this to me.
Connie B.


I am a pet lover and how is this is still going on. It was
supposed to have stopped long time ago I don't buy
anything on the list that says they tested on animals and
I know the people I know will stopped to using them.

I have wrote letter and if you will send me so email address
I will also write to the companies to I am a firm believer in
no animal testing at all on any animals.

Thank so much for sending this to my sister who send it to me.
Please let me know how what and when I can email any one.
I have pass it on and told my friends to pass it on. I can email
and that is all I can do sorry I cant do more that that I am
willing to right to how ever
Thanks so much for sharing
Linda Everett


My Dear God.
How can we be producing human Beings that can do this
kind of testing on animals? When I first read the story last
week I had hoped that somehow it just wasn't all true.

I know all day that day I couldn't wait to get home to my
3 dogs. All girls, Jamie, Gracie and Ellie. They are Chihuahua's.
I have absolutely been sick to my stomach since I read the
article. I too am protesting Procter and Gamble products.
I am not buying anything that is made by them now. I
certainly can live without whatever they make.

Why is it we have products that we know will not hurt us
and is safe to use but companies like Procter and Gamble
keep making new products and insist on this kind of
animal cruelty?

What kind of people do these tests and what kind of people
marry people like this and what kind of people will
they produce and set out into the world?

I beg of you to not let this one die. Let's fight and do
whatever we have to do to save those animals from this
kind of torture. Can we do a commercial to let more
people know? There has got to be a way to stop this.
Oh my God how can this be going on?

Marie Buchanan


I can't believe that Proctor & Gamble would use our
beloved pets for such weary experiments. I am
sure that the guy wouldn't lie after viewing it with his own eyes.
You can bet, I won't be buying any P&G products anymore.
Hope the rest of your readers feel the same as I do.


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