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Augusta's poem -

The Life of

a Shelter Dog

Peppy Pets
March 25, 04

The Life of A Shelter Dog
By Augusta DeLisi

He was a typical dog abandoned all alone
never had a human he could call his own.
He was left on the streets and was beaten and hurt,
always had to dodge cars so he stayed very alert.

He dreamed of being loved and living in a caring place
with a kind, gentle human that would enjoy getting licked on the face.
One day a lady found him and brought him to the pound.
He was scared and frightened of all the barking dogs around.

He wagged his tail every time someone came by his kennel,
in a way to say "Pick me, I'm the dog for you"
but all the people just walked by,
he knew his dream would not come true.

He sat in his cage as the days passed him by.
another day came, it was his turn to die.
The dog warden came with a leash held in hand.
she had tears in her eyes, he did not understand.

He walked up to greet her, his tail wagging fast.
Was as friendly as could be, despite his rough past.
As she walked him into a room he knew something was not right,
she told him she was sorry, then hugged him real tight.

He then looked at her with his trusting brown eyes,
because of careless people this dog had to die.
He would have made a wonderful friend.
Just another of God's gifts whose life had to end.

The dog wagged his tail as he walked through Heaven's gate.
He now had a home, He no longer had to wait.


Augusta DeLisi has been featured in several of our other
newsletters in the past. To read her full story go here:

Augusta also has developed her own rescue web site,
which you can see here:

Read about this teenager's amazing work rescuing dogs
and about "The Great Valentine's Day Rescue", and
"Operation Parvo Pups".


Tippy & Alfred have been busy too! 

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Go browse around our dog tips site and see all the new
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Daisy loves to stop at Mc Donalds
Lora England

Well I was a pet groomer in Sebring. I had started having to
drive 80 miles one way to work because I had moved to the
Tampa area yet did not want to loose my old clients. I
started to become stressed over things like my tiers blowing
out in front of a trucker or being in an accident. I was to
the point of paranoia . Every day I prayed to live so I
make it to work and back home. I was given a Shih Tzu named
Daisy from one of my clients who's wife had passed. Daisy ,
I took every day to work. At first she was little unsure of
me having her and I of her being unsure. But in no time, she
became my best friend, my helper and in a since my savior.

Her antics kept me going. She started out by wagging when
we pulled into the gas stations cause she knew she was going
to get a treat. Eventually she began bark with demand
telling me not to forget her treat. The first time we tried
Mc Donald's She went bizarre, I knew then that I was going
to have to stop there every morning and sure enough, every
morning, when driving through mulberry, she perked up and
looked for the turn into Mc Donald's. God forbid we pass it
and she not have her side of sausage.

She began to help me drive, she would sit strait up on my
lap with paws gently placed on the wheel. Ears laid back
with the air vent blowing her soft strands of ash and white.
She coordinated with the turns as well. There she would sit
for the longest time, like she was driving mommy. I began
to pray to live to get daisy home safely and focus on her
being safe if something did happen.

Moments as precious as those I will cherish for ever. I
eventually did leave my clients in Sebring but not without a
good fight. Daisy and I now live and work in the Tampa area.
But one thing is for sure, Sebring still is in our hearts
and we both know the way back home.

Oopie Choo Learns to Use the Printer!

We have an 18 month old male tabby that is fascinated with
our printer. He can be anyplace in the house, and the
minute he even hears you put paper in it, he's running at
full bore to get to the desk to watch the printer work.

He has figured out how to turn it on and off and to use the
paper feed button. As the paper goes into the printer, he
tries to bite it, until he sees it coming out the bottom.
Then he just plain freaks out because it's touching him.

I have come home from work many times to find the paper all
over the floor with Oopie laying on it with a look of pride
in his eyes.

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