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Peppy Pets
March 03, 03

Does your pet spring into action when the word
Treats are mentioned?

We've got some of the finest high quality pet treats for dogs and cats
you can find. You'll feel great knowing you are feeding your pet
healthy nutritious treats.

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What Does Every Cat Love To Have?

S.A. Sabbatino

It is difficult for me to tell one story about one pet. Our
pets are each a part of our family and, well, you might say
we have a rather large family. But since it is Spring, my
thoughts drift back to one Spring day two years ago... Most
horse owners are aware of the nightmarish task of cleaning
the paddock after the last snow has melted and turned the
whole place into a quagmire of mud and...well the unpleasant
remnants that just couldn't be dug out of the ice when doing
the mandatory daily cleanings.

I was tending to that task with wheel barrel and muck rake
with my daughter's horse, "Bubba", following behind like an
overgrown puppy. "Bubba" was at the very bottom of the
paddock pecking order, so he usually hung out with the
people instead of the other horses.

I heard the sound of hoof-beats and got a really bad
feeling. There was no way I was going to be able to jump
aside or run. My feet were stuck almost to the tops of my
boots in mud and muck. But the boss mare was running right
at "Bubba." The next thing I knew he was twirling in a
blind panic and started to bolt. As he hit me, my feet cam
right out of those boots!! And, then, I was laying face-down
and spread-eagle in the slop. I looked up, wiping the "joy"
from my eyes, to see "Bubba" on the far side of the paddock,
looking back at me with a quizzical expression. I was

He trotted over to my side and gave me a sniff. Then with a
snort that indicated that he thought I had happened upon the
best idea in the world, he got down in the mud next to me
and started rolling from side to side. What a goof he was!
How could I possibly stay mad when I was laughing so hard?

Attack Kitty
Wanda Hassler

We got this cat after having to get rid of three cats when
my daughter married a man highly allergic to cats. (goes
into anaphylactic shock if exposed too long). Since they
don't visit as often as they used to we decided to get our
house back in order and start with a kitten.

This kitten is all black with six white hairs at her neck
and at her tummy. We sometimes call her kamikaze kitty as
she loves to launch herself into the newspaper while your
reading it, coming through the air from nowhere.

This is the first cat that retrieves things and plays with
you for long periods at a time then just conks out wherever
she is at the moment. She also has decided that my right
hand is the perfect chewing toy attacking it anytime the
mood strikes her.

But we love her and she snuggles good. She is 14 weeks old.

White Sox
Debbie Yablun

Every morning after I make up my bed, White sox decides he
wants to get comfortable in the bed.

He proceeds to pick up the blankets with his teeth and pulls
them down. Then he moves the pillows to his likings so they
will be surrounding him.

He lays down and pulls the pillows to exactly where he needs

I walk over to him and ask him what he's doing? He picks up
his head, looks at me and lays back down.

My husband asks him if there is anything he would like us to
get for him, food on a tray, water, etc.

White sox just looks at us, as if to say, don't bother me

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