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Get the Facts on

Convulsions & Epilepsy

in Dogs and Cats

Peppy Pets
March 05, 03

Convulsions and Epilepsy in Dogs & Cats

Did you realize that convulsions, fits, seizures, and epilepsy,
in dogs and cats can be caused or triggered by such things as: infections,
poisons, head injuries, mineral imbalances/deficiencies,
low blood sugar, and other factors.

Convulsions and seizures in dogs and cats are a scary thing!

Find out more about convulsions and epilepsy at these links


Pet Name: Kandy Kane, Smuggler Kane, and last but not least
Mr Nibbles Wiggins
Mary Williams

Kandy Kane, was the first bundle of Joy my husband gave to
me because I had cried for days straight, because my Beautiful
Golden Retriever Cinnamon at 15 years could no longer walk.
Cinnaamon or pookie as I called her had Hip dysplaysia, but
I used to just pick her up until I became no longer able to
pick or up to even be able to let her go potty for 3 days.
When she was laying on my kitchen floor and started howling
at the top of her lungs because she had not been able to go
out side for 3 days, with tears running down my face, and
her flooding my kitchen, I finally had to put her down.
[After reading your article on by products Thank God we
buried her at my family's cabin.]

Any way that was 9 years ago and my husband got me little
Kandy Kane, a wonderful, stubborn, little female Spaniel,
After 5 years my husband kept telling me Kandy wants to be a
mama. We breed her she had 7 little bundles of trouble, 5 of
whom we gave to various friends and relatives we new would
be good to them. Mr Wiggins gets his name as he nibbles on
you when he loves you, and wags his little stump so hard his
back feet come off the ground, and Smuggler got his name as
he just smuggled his way into my heart. Smuggler is not the
dog I wanted to keep but he claimed, me as his own from the
time he could walk.

I really enjoy reading your letters and browsing your
site, I am many times reduced to tears, some happy some sad,
but your site is now a must.

Bear, Peach, and Chicken.
Samantha Dort

Hi! Well I just wanted to let you know a little about my
kitties and how they came about. :-) About 2 and a half
years ago, I had a cat named Butterscotch. He was very sick
and had to be put to sleep. :-( (He was only 1 and a half
years old) Which of course made me very upset and sad. About
4 months later, I found out that my boyfriends mother's cat
was about to have a litter of kittens. I was in a way very
excited for this, but still thought of the heartache I went
through when I lost Butterscotch, so was kind of scared to
"fall in love" again so quickly. But of course, as soon as
they arrived, I sure fell in love!!

The thought of a little kitty running around my apartment
again sounded like such fun! So as they grew to be 8 weeks
old, I grew into such a desire to take them all home with
me...but I settled for just 2 of the 4. (Hey, I figured
that the runt of the litter needed a friend to stay home
with her!)

Now Peach was the runt of the litter, so pretty with her
blue eyes that just wouldn't stop staring at me with that
"TAKE ME HOME!!!" look. And Bear, wow, what a gorgeous boy!
He looked just like a baby bear when he was a kitten, and
that is where he accrued his name from. They both have
Siamese in them, Bear the more Siamese looking, and even
having that deep meow. (Well, I think more like a grumble,
than meow!)

Well, I took them home with me, and made them a part of my
family. About a year later, they decided, because on my
dumb but God-giving part, that they were to make their own
family! Oh gosh, I thought! What am I going to do with
kittens?? 2 is enough, I said to myself. And in due time, 3
kittens arrived, and this is where Chicken comes into play.

One looked just like Bear, one was pure white, and the other
was a mixture of the two. All with those Siamese blue eyes
staring up at me. But the one that was the mixture, caught
my heart, and the other two caught the love of my friend,
Michelle. So I knew they would go to a wonderful home,
while Chicken would stay with us, and make our family
complete. Chicken got her name due in part to my boyfriend,
who changes everyone's name to something different than it
really is, kind of like a, no pun intended, pet name. When
she was small, she would run around the house and kind of
bounce around like a chicken would if it were out in the
yard eating its feed. He started calling her Chicken, and
it just stuck! Her original name was Mouser, which would
have been more appropriate for the things that she does, of
which I will explain later on in this story.

It is now about a year later, and we have had wonderful
times. They all have their own "cat"-inalities...Peach purrs
ALL the time (no lie, ALL the time!), Bear loves to wake me
by putting is paw on my face and "grumbles" at you when you
ask him "BEAR!! What are you DOING??", and Chicken, well she
is quite the little amuser. As I was saying about her
original name being appropriate, well, she is half dog, half
cat. She fetches things from Q-Tips to play mice to stuffed
animals and brings them right back to you, even in the
middle of the night when you are trying to sleep! What a
crazy cat! :-) They have their own ways of letting us know
that they love us, but we love them all the same.

And just by me writing you this story about my kitties,
makes me realize how special they are and how wonderful it
is to have them in my life. So thank you. I hope that in
the future I have the chance to update you on how things are
going for us! Thank you again!

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