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Peppy Pets
March 20, 03

Misty Bleu a Big Cat with a an even Bigger Heart
Debbie Grade

I was owned by Misty Bleu, who was a 14 year old Chartreux
cat who weighed 16 1/2 pounds. He was sent as an angel and
returned to Rainbow Bridge to wait for me. We will then enter the
Pearly Gates together. Whenever anyone looked at Misty Bleu,
he looked right into your soul.

He got along well with everyone, whether human, cat dog, or
whatever. He just showed who was boss, that's all. The love
that he displayed is beyond what words could express. Most
of all, Misty Bleu loved to love others!!! A Big Cat with a
Big Heart, a Heart that in the end, just gave out. I love
ya, big boy, and I'll sadly miss you every day for the rest
of my life.

Misty Bleu

Max and his pal Kitty
The Story of the bond between the two Black Maniacs

Is an American Short Haired cat and probably has the most
extraordinary story of the rest. We found her meowing at a
friends doorstep with her sister we kept her my friend kept
her sister. We took her to the vet right away and the vet
said that there was no way she was older than 4 weeks and
still needed milk to survive. Right now she's 4 years old
and perfectly healthy.

Is our dog he's a Schipperke and he is 3 years old. We got
him from the mall and for a while had a hard time training
him but right now he's doing great and knows tricks that most
dogs don't learn. Even though some of the tricks arent
necessary its still cool. For example: Shake Speak Dance
Roll over and Paw. Shake and Paw aren't the same thing Paw is
like shaking your hand and Shake is literally shaking so
that he doesn't shake water all over until we tell him to.
(Max is a water dog and we take him to Maryland all the

Max loves Kitty although I don't think kitty is sure if she
loves Max (she does though). When we first brought him home
his favorite game was chase-da-cat. Schipperkes are already
really small dogs so naturally when he was a puppy he was
really tiny. The cat could have really hurt him instead of
wrestling with her claws in and running slow just so he
could catch her and sitting just out of reach on a tree
trunk. Within in a week from the day we brought our puppy
Max home a bond had formed between him and Kitty and its
still going strong. They are best friends and always will be.
They are inseparable...except when the cat leaves the
property to explore although Max has followed her against
our will a few times.


Pets With Split Nails

Profuse bleeding from foot; dog limps. Wash the injured toe
with an antibacterial cleanser; wrap with cotton and adhesive tape.
If necessary, pack with talcum powder, flour, or styptic powder to
help stop the bleeding.


The Wild Man Kitty called Sherlock Holmes
Kari Ana Smith

Sherlock Holmes was born about August 26 1996. He was
abandoned about six weeks later near a home known for
rescuing animals. Little did they know the wild man kitty
Sherlock could be. I had just lost my kitty to Cancer. I
called the people to see if they had any kittens. I wanted
to find a kitty so different from the one I lost so no
replacing was done, just the void left by such a loss.

They told us about these beautiful baby they had rescued
just a few days before. When we arrived the first thing he
did was begin investigating the new person in the house.

I picked him up and he snuggled up to me. But first he had
to investigate. I was found that moment by the new baby.
On the way home the new baby began investigating every inch
of the car. Not one mile from his old home he became
Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock is the longest domestic cat I have ever seen with a
tail longer then his body. His top canines protrude over
his bottom lip as if a vampire cat. His tail is always
moving. He is black with just a shock of white under his
chin, between his hindquarters. He is independent of us
completely, unless he needs someone to chase another cat
from his yard. Or wants to eat. He doesn't need us unless
he needs cobwebs or dirt taken from his coat. He is one of
the cutest and most human kitties I have ever had. Sherlock
is so much more then a kitty. He is a member of our family.

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