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Squeeky the

Squeekmeister, Chloe,

Trazzy, Baby & Bubba

Peppy Pets
March 30, 03

Squeeky The Squeekmeister
Vanessa Davis

Squeeky is one the best things that ever happened to me. I
was recovering from thyroid cancer when I HAD to put my
beloved 9 year old Sheltie Smokey down. This due to kidney
failure. Needless to say I was devastated by this. I grieved
for my Smokey for the longest time then one day while
surfing the web I came across a site for Shelties. I started
looking around and saw the most beautiful puppy. I made some
inquires and soon I was the proud companion to the little

As soon as I got him home he ran over to the doggie toy box
and picked up one of Smokey's favorite squeek dog toys and
started playing. I said ok then your name is SQUEEKY! He
hasn't stop playing yet. Squeeky moved in and took over the
house, we have a standard Collie (Alf) and they get along like
the grew up together. And they both love to play with our
cats. Squeeky likes to herd them around.

Squeeky was the best medicine that I could have had. He loves
to run, chase stones, balls, sticks and anything else we
throw. He loves and protects the kids. He barks at us we have
to correct the kids. I will always love my departed Smokey
but "The Squeekmeister" has just as big a part of my heart!

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I want to share a story of a very special girl named Chloe,
the Bassett Hound. Chloe was a very special dog. She was brought
into the vet's office at 3 months old. She was very sick. Her
owners did not know what was wrong. It turned out she was a
diabetic. They wanted no part of it and said put her to
sleep. My boss asked them to sign her over and she would
care for her. So for the next three months, Chloe lived at
the animal hospital.

When I lost my black lab to cancer, my other dog needed
someone to play with, so I took Chloe home with me. She was
the sweetest, happiest 6 month old pup. She had to get two
insulin shots a day but never lost her cheery disposition.
I was warned when I took her that because she was born a
diabetic, she would encounter other problems as she got
older. Well after a year, she developed heart problems.
Now she was at 2 insulin shots a day and 4 pills. She lost
her sight but never her good cheer. She started filling up
with fluids and could not breathe at times but we sat with
her until she was ok.

Through all this she was always happy and loved everyone.
She had a yard to run in and a friend to play with. She
lost her battle on Father's Day, June 16, 2002 at 2 years
old. She is sadly missed each and every day. Her memory
will always be with us. Her picture hangs over our computer
so she can watch over us. We loved her very much and gave
her a great life.

She was one exceptional dog whose life changed when she came
home with me. I will love her forever and never forget the
joy she brought to al of us.

Trazzy never lost her Loving Attitude
Vickie Clark

Trazzy was our special girl, she went to the rainbow bridge
on 12-7-98. She was a GSD mutt with a big heart. My husband
literally picked her out of a ditch. She was about 3 months
old and laying in a cardboard box in the ditch by the road.
She had internal injuries and we decided to nurse her back
to health and then find her a good home. The vet said she
had either been thrown out of a car or hit by a car to get
the injuries.

Her gentle manner and affection got to us both and when she
was fully recuperated---we just couldn't give her up; even
though we had 2 dogs already. She would lay next to me on
the couch every Sunday morning as I read the newspaper and
also lay under the computer desk when I was on line. I would
pet her soft fur with my feet as I typed on the computer.

We had a boat at the time and we would take her out and
camp. She ran up and down the shore biting at the wakes
from other boats chasing them. Her other favorite game was
hiking rocks. She would find a big rock (any big rock would
do) and hike them like a football center between her back
legs. She would hike the rock all around the back yard until
you made her stop.

It was so hard to see her get old and infirm; the bright
eyes got dull with cataracts and she started to slow down.
But she never lost her loving attitude. No matter how she
felt--she always wagged her tail to greet you and was happy
to see you. I hope to see her when I cross the rainbow bridge.

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Baby and Bubba

I am a diabetic June 30th of 2001, I went into a diabetic
coma, my boyfriend at the time found me almost dead and when
he called the paramedics to help me, my two boys Baby and
Bubba both small Chihuahuas sat on my chest fearing the
paramedics were there to harm me, although I was in a coma I
do not remember that.

My boyfriend had told me they did which I believe because
whenever someone they don't know tries to get close to me,
they go into attack mode, although they wouldn't be able to
do much, they are so loyal as well as great guard dogs,
there isn't anyone who can get further than the sidewalk
without my boys alerting us someone is near, I Thank God for
blessing me with these two beautiful, loyal and loving
Love Monica Kincaid

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