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Collecting Items for

the Humane Society

Peppy Pets
May 02, 03

Just Looking....

I organized a drive at work to collect items for the local
Humane Society. I asked my friend, Bonnie, to help me
take the car load of items out to the shelter.

I thought I would drop the stuff off and leave, as I knew I
feel badly seeing so many sweet kitties without homes.
Bonnie talked me into "just looking" at all of the cats!

Three rooms of cats of all ages and sizes.

One cat sat calmly and dignified in his cage. He appeared
all white. He seemed to be waiting for someone and was
confident they would be coming for him. I made eye contact
with him and he blinked back at me.

I went home with him on my mind. I called about him the
next day. His owner was an elderly man who had to go to
a nursing home and was unable to take him.

"Kyle" must have been waiting for this man to come back
to get him and take him home. (It was all over - I had already
named him!) He was three years old. I went back out to see him.
I had to hold him.

He was not all white; he had a black tail, one partially black
foot and three black spots on on side. He settled in my arms.

I was leaving on vacation so I knew that would not be a good
time to bring a new cat into my house. I had two twelve year
old cats already. I decided if he was still waiting when I got
back, I was meant to have him.

As luck would have it, he was still there and my husband
consented to tolerate another cat! (I am the admitted cat lover.
He learns to love them!) Kyle has adjusted well to Kory, my
other male cat. They even play together.

Kyle and my three year old grandson, Kaldun, are great buddies.
I guess I should thank Bonnie for talking me into "just looking"
at the cats that day! Now my license plates, 3CATS, are once
again correct!

Submission by Susan Fettkether


Jana, Foxy and L.A.

I got Jana, a Boxer, from the pound. She was skin and bones
when I got her. I built her up and after many years got her
a pet to play with, also from the pound, Foxy, a Fox Terrier.
We also got L.A., a Lhasa Apso, at the same time.
They were great pals till July 1, 2002, Jana had to be put
down because of a stroke. She could no longer get up to
walk. Exactly a week to the day Foxy died of a broken heart.

I still have L.A. and he's doing well. He comes in from being
outside and is so full of joy. He takes his pull toy and
throws it all over. He's a great dog, but very spoiled.

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My cat Fluffy came to me during a sad time in my life, I had
not long lost my first husband to cancer. Well Fluff as I
call her moved in and took right over. She has been a joy
and a delight to me ever since. When I met my second
husband I told him that I have a cat but she doesn't know
that she is a cat and for him not to tell her because if she
found out she would need counseling and he would have to
pay for it. Well he didn't believe me until he got to know
Fluff and then he said she really does not know she is a cat
for real and I said told you. So now she brings joy to the
both of us.

Lorraine Smalls

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