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Grandma comes through

and Saves Ziggy the

Dwarf Bunny

Peppy Pets
May 05, 03

How Grandma Saved Ziggy the Bunny

I am 14 years old. My rabbit is 1 years old right now. He
is a male Dwarf and is all white with a black stripe going
down his back, has black outlines around his eyes, one black
blotch on his face, and some black on his ears. I got him
for a Birthday present, because I had wanted a rabbit for a
long time.

I got to pick him out at the store, and I knew he was the
perfect one for me. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen.
We spoil him all the time. Everyone loves him, and has lots
of fun with him. The story your about to hear is real, and
one of the most horrible things that could ever happen to my

In the summer of 2001, my Grandma was visiting us from
Florida/Babysitting the kids. My parents were in Arizona
for their 20th Anniversary. I had this long pink paper,
rolled up, like a tube. We used that when Ziggy was playing
on the floor. Ziggy was playing on the floor one day and
everyone was watching him spin around and flip up in the
air, as usual. He went by the pink tube, and looked inside
the hole. He then tried to squeeze his little body through
the tiny hole. He managed to fit through and I thought he
did, until I saw his little legs pushed behind his body. I
panicked and could hear him choking. He was stuck in the
rolled up paper, squished in it, helpless.

My twin brother and sister's were in the room with me. They
all saw Ziggy. My Grandma came and saw him also. My sister
Kim ran in the kitchen to grab scissors, and tried cutting
through the thick paper. It wouldn't cut through. It would
have taken too long to reach my bunny way at the other end.
My Grandma and I tried to pull Ziggy out, but it was too
tight around his body there was no room for our hands to
grab him.

My Grandma then started unrolling the endless pink paper. As
time went by, it got thinner and thinner. I saw my bunny
rolling around along with the paper. I started to cry. I
didn't want him to die. My Grandma reached the end of the
paper. I saw Ziggy lying on the pink paper, now unrolled.
I reached for him, with my trembling fingers. His head was
moving from side to side, because he had gotten so dizzy.
He was panting. I set him on my lap, and pet him softly. I
said to him, "It's ok now, It's ok." I was still crying. I
held him for a long time. I couldn't believe Ziggy had made
it through that experience. It was a horrible thing for me
to see my own bunny suffering right before my eyes;
helpless, scared, weak.

There's not a day that goes by where I don't remember it.
Thank God he didn't die, Thank God my Grandma was there to
help save his life. I thank my Grandma today for saving a
helpless bunny's life, and for always being there for me
when I need her the most. Thank-You Grandma. I Love You,
and I will never forget what you did for me.



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Pancake, Kiki, Stella

Hello, I would like to introduce you to my children.
Pancake (Lhasa Apso) is the father, Kiki is the mother and
Pancake's wife, and Stella is the daughter and the apple of
my eye.

Mother and daughter do everything together. They explore and
go for walks together. Every afternoon about 3 pm cst., I
take them for a ride. Pancake sits by the car and won't
budge until it is time for his ride. Pancake occupies the
back seat of the car and Kiki and Stella the front passenger
seat. When we are stopped at a traffic light, the girls look
out the window to attract the attention of other drivers.
Of course the other drivers think the girls are cute and
wish they had them in their lives.

My family brings me such joy and love.

Wanda Garcia

I love the Tippy and Alfred newsletter. It is very
informative. I was hoping that someone on your staff
would be able to answer a question that I have
regarding my 7 yr old female Maltese (Gypsy). She
does something that I find very curious. Of course
she sleeps in the bed with me. When I get up, she
will walk over to where I was laying and rub all over
the area. Most of the time she rubs all over my
pillow. Also if I leave an article of clothing on the
couch instead of laying anywhere else on the couch she
will choose to lay on that piece of clothing.

Is she trying to cover my scent with hers or is she just
more comfortable with my scent on her? I'm not upset by it
actually I am rather amused because this is an everyday
occurrence. I have talked to other people about this but
no one seems to have an opinion. Thank you.

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