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Peppy Pets
May 19, 04

Dog & Cat Noses get that Smell

A cat's nose has 17 million nerve cells, which he uses to
trace all smells/aromas in his environment. Even the food
they eat is chosen by the smell. A cat who has a cold,
doesn't eat because he isn't hungry, but because he can't
smell the food. Comparison: a dog's nose has 147 million
nerve cells; we have 'only' 5 million nerve cells in our

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Jake will always be Jake the Great
Rachel Alexander

My dog Jake was an English Black Labrador with lots of love
to give. He loved everyone. When he was a baby, he was
diagnosed with epilepsy and would be on medication for the
rest of his life. Jake came from Eagle Lake Maine, breeders
Deborah and Douglas Moreland. Jake was not your every day
black Labrador.

He was an extraordinary love machine that gave true meaning
to the saying "a dog is a man's best friend." Jake was
especially good with kids. I know from experience because
I'm only 12 years old and a vet-in-training. All my life
I've had animals and I've had animals die, but Jake will
always be Jake the Great.

Jake was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15. He had a
major lump in his mouth that ate the left side of his jaw
bone away. Everyone in the neighborhood knew and loved Jake.
We had so much love to give to Jake, we had affectionate
nicknames like Dope on a rope, Jake the great and just plain
big Jake.

We loved him until the last breath he took on September 9th
2002. He was 16 and 1/2 when he died. At first, I dropped to
the floor and cried for days. I wouldn't go to school for 3
weeks after his death.

Now, here is a poem dedicated to dearest Jake:

"A wagging tail, adoring eyes,
barking at the door.
Playful tugging, frequent naps,
toys strewn across the floor.

With little snorts and playful barks,
you made your presence known,
and knowing you were always there,
I never felt alone.

You loved it when I scratched you ears,
I swear it made you smile.
I could never stay angry with you,
I couldn't if I tried.

The barking at the door has ceased,
no wagging tail to greet me,
just memories of a special friend
and good times are all I see.

Although I miss you dearly,
I'll try not to feel so blue.
because I know that there's a heaven
for special dogs like you."

With that said, we bid a tearful farewell to Jake who truly
was the best dog anyone could ever have.


The best dog in America. He's 11 years old, almost 12 and
still doesn't realize he's an older dude...he runs with me
2-3 miles a day, when it snows, he plays like a pup and
doesn't want to come into the house. All you have to do is
say car or out and he's ready to break through the screen

Rex is the biggest mush in the world. Where ever you go,
he's right on my tail (ha) and follows me everywhere. Funny
when you have a foot of snow, he doesn't want to come back
into the house, when it rains, you literally have to drag
him could be zero degrees outside, he thinks
its warm out and it doesn't bother him at all.

I remember the day me and my ex brought him home from the
shelter he was in, he was so scared to do anything. Never
forget the first night we had him, we said no dog sleeping
with us. By the next afternoon, that was over with.

The most affectionate dog in the world. When I first got
him, walking Rex the 2-3 miles he gets a day (and still
does), he went totally wild. He does a mile in less than 8
minutes.. I'm a runner/ aerobic nut, the dog is just as
bad...or as good, whichever way you want to look at it.

Loves ice cubes (even in the winter) just wants to play. He's
a Poodle / terrier mix, who weighs just over 20 pounds. He
goes after the big dogs. Here on Long Island there are legal
dog runs and the first summer I took him there, we would
literally attack the Doberman Pinschers, Labrador Retrievers,
German Shepherds and embarrassed the daylights
out of me.

The next summer, he was the most friendly dog, and when all
the little kids left the park, they wanted to take Rex home.
Loves kids and everyone. So that's his story. I wish I could
send a picture of him. He's a great looking pooch and better
behaved. If there is a "g", I'm grateful that Rex is my
partner for life. Thanks and have a great day.....

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