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Peppy Pets
May 26, 03

Luta, Wazi, Sebastian & The Kids
Sunny Krempels

Luta is a classy little black Siamese who I am sure was part
of the Egyptian royalty in her past life. Wazi is a huge
Maine Coon that believes Lord Fontlaroy is his real name

Sebastian is a big beautiful black Chow Chow that loves to
curl up on the couch and groan at the cats.

The 30 quail and that includes about 15 babies roam the back
yard and stomp all over Sebastian, even fussing in his hair.
And the 6 roadrunners even run thru the front door
scattering the cats to the top of the ice box, just cuz they

They all teach me something on a daily basis and I couldn't
imagine life without the lot. And Loki he was my son's huge
flame point Himalayan, that crossed over 2 months ago to be
together again with my son, his first master. I still see
him sitting on the fireplace smiling at me with those huge
turquoise eyes full of merriment. Those are all of my little


Reyna Cleopatra Kitty

Our cat, Ms. Kitty, always guarded our house. She was a
medium haired, Maine Coon mix, small in size for that breed
but very much a protector. She however passed on last
September 2001 at 19 years of age. After several months of
grieving we have a new guarded cat, Reyna Cleopatra Kitty.
She came to us at 9 weeks, and we have had her for about
month and . She is a calico with an unusual marking. Her
markings look like a cape draped over her shoulders and run
down her back including the tail. On her head she has a cap
with crown prongs shooting up from her forehead and Egyptian
eyes. The cape is patched orange/gold with black and her
tiger markings bleed through, her cap is also patched. Her
father is unknown to us, her mother, as I was told, was
feral and tamed.

Reyna has adjusted perfectly to leaving with us. We have
provided a perch in the front window so she can look upon
her kingdom. She has full run of the house, except at night.
We have taught her to sleep in the living room alone. This
has worked out perfect. Her favorite time of the day is
about 8 p.m. (CST), this is when we are through with all
house chores and relaxing. She has learned this is the best
time to entertain us.

As far as protect cat, she is learning. She has become very
good at hiding, stalking and pouncing on her unknowing prey,
which is us for now. We have not decided if she will be
allowed outside. There is a difference of opinion there. But
we are very happy to have her as a new member of the family
and she is happy to be there.

Reyna's Mom, Pam

MoFo the Lucky Miracle Kitty

MoFo is a lucky cat. After placing a flea medicine on him he
took a turn for the worse. He had a seizure. We took him to
the animal clinic right away! Upon arriving to the clinic he
had another seizure. The vet on call immediately took him to
the back, where they began their work on my MoFo. They kept
him for 3 days. The second day the vet said MoFo was blind
and could not walk very well. He said that MoFo suffered
permanent nerve/brain damage. I was crushed.

The next day I picked him up. He saw me! WALKING over to me
on the table, was purring! He wasn't blind! He was walking! I
cried the whole way home. My baby is ok. He walks with less
grace, but he walks. He is a miracle!

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