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The Charming

Eastern and Western


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There are two species of Meadowlarks, both look very much
alike, but have different voices.

The two North American species, the eastern and western meadowlarks,
their ranges overlapping in the middle west.

Both are about 9 inches long.

Meadowlarks are brown streaked with black and buff above and bright
yellow below, with a black crescent on the chest.

Meadowlarks build their nests of grasses and weeds usually on the
ground in grassy fields or meadows. They lay 3 to 7 white eggs
that are completely speckled with brown.

Meadowlarks feed on grains, wild grass seeds, fruits, and some

Picture Meadowlarks

Meadowlarks belong to the family of blackbirds and the order Passeriformes.

Types of Meadowlarks include:

Eastern Meadowlark
Western Meadowlark

Other North American members of the blackbird family include


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