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A Happy Pet Family

plus new drug

Fights Cancer in Dogs

Peppy Pets
Nov. 02, 2009

Max, Murtaugh, and Butterscotch

This is the story of a happy pet family. The heads of the
household are a dog named Max, and 2 tabby cats named
Murtaugh and Butterscotch.

David and I are the pet humans to Max, Murtaugh, and
Butterscotch. They rule the roost with an iron fist and we
are more than happy to oblige them. Max is a black toy
Poodle we got from the Hawaiian humane society. Murtaugh
(named after Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon) is the product of 2
stray cats we adopted. Butterscotch was a stray Hawaiian cat

They all coexist in harmony. In fact, Max the pooch and
Murtaugh the kitty are best friends. They play together,
sleep together, and cuddle together. Murtaugh likes to cozy
up to Max and rub against him then lay beside him.
Butterscotch prefers more solitude but loves to climb in our
laps and sleep.

We moved to Alabama and brought our pets with us and they
are now enjoying Southern life. That is the story, we are
sticking to it!

Dinah Goodman

How to Cure Bad Breath in Dogs and Cats

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I certainly Hope and pray that pets come back as guardian
angels. I lost my best friend Dec 22,1999. It took quite
some time before I was able to allow another dog to join my
life. I really think that it was "Popeye's" wish.

Well in March of 2001 I found a female Italian Greyhound.
The same exact markings as my dearly beloved. Guess what,
she loved us too. The breeder told us that she didn't warm
up to anyone else that looked at her. A year later the
breeder called and asked how she was doing, and to tell us
that they had another litter of puppies. Plus they really
wanted to see her, being that she was just so picky.

Well, we went and they had a male which was all white and
had blue eyes. He was beautiful (handsome). I didn't want
another dog... there were 3 different couples looking at
them too. My daughter asked if she could hold this frisky,
fresh little fellow. He was biting everyone and trying to
jump down. Scary for an Italian Greyhound. He put his arms
around her neck and licked and hugged like crazy. My husband
and son as well as I held him too. He was just too gorgeous
to let go. Plus so loving.

Well to make a long story short. When we got his papers,. He
has the same birthday as my "Popeye" ..Scary .. Even when we
mention "Popeye" he comes to us, and as if he were trying to
talk he groans and moans to everything we say to him. I
really believe that my dear beloved Pal came back to me. He
knew how much he was loved and how much we would miss him. I
still believe that when my time comes, he will be waiting at
"Heaven's Gate" to guide me across.


I had my cat Feisty for almost 16 years. He was by best
friend. He would always come when I called, but would also
sense when I wanted to be left alone. In June 2001, his
health started failing. When I went on vacation, he had a
seizure at the vet's so I told them to put him out of his
pain, but to hold his body till I got home. I buried him at
my bedroom window behind my house. 

However, the night I got home before I claimed his body I
heard him make that final trip down the hall and jump up on
my bed and lay down. Now, he is still looking after me. I
have kept the same ritual even though I have a new cat.
Every night I go to bed, I say the same thing I always have
that it is time to go to bed Feisty. When I open my eyes
after a few minutes, one of the butterfly's on the wall by
the bed is dark so I know he is still with me. 

Like the poem Rainbow Bridge, I look forward to once again
seeing him healthful again. 
Martha Conner

New Drug to Fight Cancer in Canines

Pfizer Animal Health, Inc has been given the okay from
the U. S. FDA for developing the first of it's kind drug.
This new drug called Palladia, which means to provide
protection, will be used to treat a type of mast cell
cancer of the skin in dogs.

These skin cells account for about 20% of all skin
cancers in dogs. But, a large number of that percent
turn into life threatening growths on the dogs which usually
spreads to the lymph nodes.

Previously the only recourse veterinarians had to treat
cancer in animals was with approved treatments for
humans, of which studies on animals has been woefully lacking
as to the effectiveness of these treatments on animals.

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