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Peanuts, Snoopy

& Charlie Brown

Peppy Pets
Nov. 03, 03

We Love Snoopy

Our favorite cartoon strip while growing up was Peanuts
with Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, and the rest of the
Peanuts gang.

As a special tribute to the all the Peanuts gang, we have made
a set of web pages for you that we hope you will find to be
fun, informative, and interesting.

There's info on all the characters, a very extensive page on
Snoopy, The Great Pumpkin, biography of Charles Schultz,
filmography for Peanuts, a list of all the Charlie Brown books,
lyrics to Snoopy songs, info about the Royal Guardsmen,
a page on the real Baron Von Richtofen & Captain Roy Brown,
a page on Charlie brown's baseball team, comic strips, and
our favorite page: Sally Brown Mangles the English Language,
plus more.

There's lots of pictures and graphics on these pages to
bring back those precious memories we have of the lovable

We hope you really enjoy these pages

Charlie Brown, Snoopy & The Peanuts Index

Write us back and let us know your thoughts......


Bonnie Boots

Snoopy was a large dog, supposedly a part Beagle, part
German Shepherd. I adopted Snoopy when he was 8 months old
and he was a wonderful intelligent dog who became my child.

When Snoopy was seven years old, he disappeared on a
Saturday night which upset me terrible since he always came
in before dark. I called and called and even went up and
down the roads with a flashlight calling him but no answer.

I was getting more and more concerned because there had been
an article in the local paper about 'pet-nappers' in the
area just that week. Sunday morning I again resumed the
search with my mother and we decided to check around an old
barn on our neighbor's property.

I was using my cane to push weeds out of my way when I
suddenly hit nothing and discovered an old uncovered
artesian well and about 20 feet down was Snoopy, his front
legs supporting his weight on an outcropping of stone. He
had been in the well all night and doggie paddling with his
hind legs. I called our local volunteer fire department who
came and with a great effort managed to pull Snoopy out of
the well by one hind leg. After trying several
veterinarians, we finally found one who was open on Sunday
and were surprised to find out the only ill effects from his
eight plus hours in the well, was a pulled ligament in his
leg, (where the fireman pulled him out) and bacterial
infection in one ear.

We are quite sure that Snoopy had an angel supporting him
all through that dark terrifying night. We had Snoopy for
seven more years and every day and night of that seven
years, I thanked God for sparing his life. And in the
article written up in the local paper, I thanked the local
firemen for their efforts on Snoopy's behalf.


There is no doubt that our beloved pets return to us as
guardian angels. I've had to say good bye to several of my
wonderful cats, including my 22 year old Siamese last
December and my 3 beautiful and loving Old English Sheepdogs
within the past 5 years. The heartbreak would be unbearable
if I didn't believe that they are here with me each and
everyday and waiting for the day we will all be together

I felt saddened that I never saw them in any of my dreams
and then one day when I came home I saw my Sheepdog Olive as
I came in my side door. She was tapping her toes and
bouncing up and down as she did everyday of her life when I
would come home. This wonderful sight lasted only a split
second. But then I knew for sure that they are all here
watching over me and their other brothers and sisters.

I have heard that the other dogs and cats are able to either
see or feel the existence of the pets that have passed
on...I think this is true. I've seen my other dogs
intently stare in a direction where I see nothing, eyes wide
open and ears at attention. Yes I believe that our beloved
pets come back to protect us as well as the other pets they
had to leave behind.
Thanks, Linda Miller


Yes, I do think that our pets come back to us as guardian
angels, well the ones that were loved and cared. To me there
is a 50% chance on whether street animals or pets that were
treated unfairly by their owners here on Earth come back but
no one knows. I think there is a 100% chance that the pets
that were treated fairly come back again to Earth as our
guardian angels to love for us and to keep us safe while we
stay on Earth.
-Jennifer Permenter

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