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Do our deceased dogs

& cats Reincarnate?

Find out the answer here

Peppy Pets
Nov.10, 03

Reincarnation ..... Is it possible for our pets to come back to us?

My flame-point Siamese kitten, Dandelion, is the
reincarnation of another flame-point Siamese I once owned,
named Opal. Opal was 11 when my roommate at the time, who
hates cats, let him outside into the California desert. He
never came back. I'd owned him since before he was born and
I grieved for him like he was my child. I told myself that
it's better that he is in Heaven and away from this harsh,
often evil place called Earth. 

Eight years later, his companion kitty, a black Siamese
named Isis, succumbed to old age at 19. She lingered for a
long time because I live with emotionally abusive people and
she thought I needed her. She was dying in my arms and they
were calling me out on the carpet, accusing me of stealing
money they'd given to me five minutes before. I begged Isis
to go, reassuring her over and over that I'd be all right,
and apologizing to her over and over for not providing her
with a happier, more secure life. I thanked her over and
over for sharing her life with me and begged her forgiveness
for not being a better Mommy. She finally let go at four in
the morning one March night.

She is resting in peace in a garden in the foothills
overlooking Los Angeles.

Not two months later, a woman brought me a little white 3-
week-old kitten she'd found in a dumpster with its umbilical
cord still attached. She couldn't care for him because her
mother was in the hospital, so she drove 100 miles to bring
him to me. His eyes were still closed, which is a little
unusual for a kitten that old, but I carried him around in
my arms everywhere I went, and he started opening his eyes
the next day. I am the first thing he saw, and it was love
at first sight. I thought he would stay all white, then he
started getting orange tiger-striped points, just like Opal!

One morning while feeding him a bottle, I wondered out loud
that maybe when Isis got to the Rainbow Bridge, she was met
by Opal, and she told him to get down here QUICK, "Mommy
needs you NOW!" and he came as soon as he could! And even as
I said it out loud to little Dandelion, I felt a kitty brush
against my leg, but there was no other cat in the room! I
know it must have been Isis, reassuring me that she had
indeed asked Opal to come to me!

Now thousands of people will read about Isis's love and
devotion that reaches me all the way from Heaven!

Valerie Cameron
Kitty Mom Forever


I believe I have two pets as guardian angels. One passed
away and the other is here with me.

I one had a dog--a wolf - Akita mix. Her name was Tundra,
but I often called her Tundie. She was the sweetest and most
protective dog I ever knew. I lost her to Parvo about seven
years ago. I also have a mixed-breed, long-haired cat named
Tiger. He is about six.

My former husband was an abuser and we separated about 2
years ago. My poor Tiger took a lot of the beatings that I
probably would have gotten. Also, every time I get a cold or
have any kind of health problem. Tiger is there with me,
comforting me and keeping me warm.

I also live in a neighborhood that is not considered
dangerous, but there are some unfavorables lurking about.
Whenever storms come or whenever there are strange people
lurking about my apartment, I can feel Tundie's presence
protecting me.

I don't believe people can be re-incarnated as pets as some
do, but I do believe that God often sends a familiar and
comforting presence to keep us feeling safe and loved.

Carol Hadlock

Ginger and Nutmeg

I don't know if I believe that our beloved pets reincarnate
as guardian angels but I certainly believe they are still
around in their favorite spots. If I'm real still........ I
can sense them here.

Maybe it's just a memory of where their favorite sunny spot
is or remember the feeling of how they snuggled close to me
in bed. Whatever the case may be.......... They are always
with me and I thank God for the time I shared with them on
earth and the expectancy of a happy renewal of those times
once I, too, cross the Rainbow Bridge.
You can sign me......
A Mom of Many.


No, I don't believe that pets come back as Angels. I do
believe they will be in Heaven because God made all
creatures and I can't believe he wouldn't have them in
Heaven. But when people in obituaries say their family
member (human) is an angel now is an incorrect statement.
They are saints if they go to Heaven. Angels are already
there and here.

Ann Black


Yes, I believe dogs and cats reincarnate as angels. Sometimes we
do not see them. I had a much loved Labrador Retriever -
German Shepherd mix named Roger that once came to me in a dream
and spoke and gave me information that saved me from harm. Pets
have simpler souls than we do, but they also have the
creator's breath of life, just not made in his image.
Definitely they can come back to us as angels.
Kathleen Pike

I don't think as angels but I think they wait for us
to come to them, I believe they come to us in spirit form.
Janet Michel

I don't know if they are angels, but I do strongly believe
that certain pets reincarnate in future pets we own. When I
looked in my Skipper's eyes when we found each other many
years ago my little Rowdy was looking back at me. Nothing
would give me greater comfort than the thought that they
were still here with me. 

Hi---YES I believe our pets reincarnate. We lost a small dog
on Oct. 15, 1999. She had a stomach tumor that burst and she
died in my arms at the vet office. She was 9yrs 11mos. 8
days old. We had her from the time she was 5 weeks old.
Domina was very intelligent and a very loyal
Chihuahua / terrier mix.

After mourning her for 2 yrs. in Sept. 2001 we got a
minpin / terrier from the Humane Society and when she looked
at us, she had Domina's look and I named her Angel. She was
9 weeks old. She is every bit as intelligent and loyal as
Domina was. I feel she was meant to be ours. She just turned
2 on July 19th and we Love her as much as we have Loved
Domina. Almost feel she is our Domina brought back to us.
Marlene Campbell

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