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Peppy Pets
Oct. 19, 03

Duffy's got all the veterinarians scared of him
Hazel Sig

Duffy is one of 11 cats who own us. He was born in our back
yard 12 years ago. He was nearly dead when I found him. I
washed him with a warm cloth and although he had his mother
he was too weak to eat, so I fed him for 10 days until he
was strong enough to nurse. He is a long-haired, black cat.
At the age of 2 weeks his hair developed white color next to
his skin. This white migrated upwards to the tip in
approximately two weeks. Then it disappeared. I figured it
was due to his near death stress at birth.

He carried a "blankie" around everywhere he went until he was
two years old. The blankie was a washcloth. He has grown to
be a very large cat and can open doors in our house. We
have latch handles, not knobs and he just stands up and
pulls down and pushes the door. He also knows how to run
the electric can opener.

He is a fierce growler and all veterinarians in the area are
almost frightened of him. They prefer that I stand by
whenever they have to handle him. He even growls at me, but
never bites. I say that he hates me less than anyone else.
He is really a loving cat, comes at night and sleeps on my
arm and next to my head, purring.

Even though we have 11 cats, they all know their names and
come when we call them. They all know when each is being
scolded or called and none of the rest respond.


I have a Yellow Labrador Retriever guide dog named
Chadwick--I have written in about him before. I love to just
hug him and tell him I love him, and try and give him the
very best care I can, because he takes such great care of
me, and is such a precious friend. Besides hugging him, I
find I'm always stroking his soft fur, and valuing his
closeness. I know that I tell him I love him lots of times a
day--my prayer is that somehow he knows. Thank you for
letting me share!

Thair Knoles and Chadwick the guide dog

Read about Chadwick the Guide Dog here:
Peppy Pets October 17 2003


I have 2 tabby cats. Rajah and Nakita lovingly called Raj
and Nikki. And yes I do tell them how much I love them. Raj
is the older of the two (ten yrs) and Nikki is seven. Raj
loves to cuddle and sit on my lap. Nokki is the curious one
and will let you know if she wants to be petted. Otherwise
"leave me alone".

They are my best pals and I really don't know what I would
do without them. Love your news letter.

Carolyn McGrath


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I have a Siamese cat named, Mulan. She is very loving and
likes to be held on my shoulder like a baby. She also likes
to have her back massaged. I frequently, almost daily, rub
her, and tell her that I love her. The love is returned

Donna Soulam


A Refresher on our Tribute to Roy Rogers

We wanted to thank all of you who wrote in your comments
about the Roy Rogers pages. We appreciate that.

My mom also emailed us and we thought you might like
to read here comments. She was a big, big Roy Rogers fan.
Here's what mom wrote:

"Very impressive! You surely have a lot of information
here. I still haven't gotten all of it read yet.
The pictures of the lunchbox turned out nice, and I
really love the one of you and the lunchbox (sounds
like a mother doesn't it?) but it shows up nicely."

"I guess you know that if Dale Evans hadn't married Roy
I would have, and he might have been your father! I
was madly in love with him when I was about 11 or 12,
and always have had a kind of crush on him. I can
remember being really mad at Dale Evans when they got
married. You did a really good job with this."
Love, Mom

....just think, I could have been Roy Rogers son......
Oh well.....Any other Roy Rogers fans out there that
felt like my mom did?

In case you missed it, here's the link to everything you ever
wanted to know about Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, plus plenty
of pictures.

I'm kinda bummed out the Cubs and Red Sox didn't make it to
the World Series. In case you didn't know, I manage two
baseball teams locally, Pony and Colt baseball ( Pony is 13 and 14
year old, and Colt is 15 and 16 year olds), and have always been
a big advocate of baseball.

Should be a good series though, I think Florida has the better team,
but the Yankees will win. Dave

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