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Portuguese Water Dogs

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Portuguese Water Dog - the Sensitive Swimmer
By: Tippy

The Portuguese Water Dog is an affectionate, amusing,
animated, fun, lively, loyal, spirited dog that loves the
water. They are sturdy, high stamina dogs, but with plenty
of play and exercise they are calm. They are excellent with
children and get along fine with other household pets
without problem. It may take some time for them to get used
to cats but once they are used to them they get along fine.
These dogs are very intelligent, keen and very trainable.
They are affectionate with their family and very fun to be

These dogs like to work and are quick to understand and
follow instructions. Training of these dogs isn't difficult
but you need to be sure to communicate properly with them so
that they will understand. They are very sensitive to the
tone of a human's voice so be sure to always remain calm and
consistent. These dogs have a strong mind and are very
intelligent so if the dog doesn't feel that the owner is in
in control it will take advantage. This breed has been known
to out-think its owner.

Portuguese Water Dogs are eager to please, faithful,
obedient and willing. They make excellent watchdogs. They
have a very good sense of smell. They are a suitable breed
for agility and other dog sports. Some of the talents of the
Portuguese Water Dog include agility, assistance dog,
obedience, therapy dog and water trials.

The puppies are chewers, so be sure to provide plenty of
chew toys that they can chew on instead of your furniture.
Within the same litter dominance levels will vary. Barking
and indoor activity level varies depending upon the dog and
the owner's ability to keep them well exercised and mentally
stimulated. Correct barking issues and jumping up problems
as soon as they occur and be consistent.

The male dog can reach twenty to twenty-two inches in height
and weigh between forty-two and fifty-five pounds. The
female can reach seventeen to twenty inches in height and
weigh between thirty-five and forty-nine pounds. This breed
lives between ten to fourteen years.

Some Portuguese Water Dog lines are susceptible to Hip
and PRA. They also have issues with GM-1 Storage
Disease which is a fatal nerve disease. Dogs that are going
to be bred need to be tested for this disease. First signs
of this disease appear when the puppy is six months old.

With sufficient exercise the Portuguese Water Dog will do
fine in an apartment setting. They are moderately active
indoors and a small yard is sufficient for them. They can
live outdoors in temperate climates but are much happier
when they are with their family.

These dogs are working dog that are active and have great
stamina. They need daily mental and physical exercise
including a daily walk in order to take care of the physical
and psychological needs. Be sure to use proper leash
etiquette with this dog. This dog breed does best when they
have a job to do and they love to swim. These dogs are high
energy and do best with a family that is high energy.

The Portuguese Water Dog should be brushed and combed
regularly. The coat usually doesn't need a trim though if
the owner prefers it that is fine as well. There are two
preferred coat clips that can be used; one where the face
and rear are shaved, and the working dog pet clip where the
coat is shaved to an inch all over. These dogs are good for
allergy sufferers and are considered to be virtually hypo-
allergenic. The coat sheds little to no hair. The coat grows
slower than that of a poodle and only needs to be cut every
now and again.

Portuguese Water Dog

What I would do for my Portuguese Water Dog
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Though the Portuguese Water Dog breed has the water
resistant thick coat, oily skin, and hanging
ears of a spaniel, it's considered a working dog by the AKC.

It's nutritional needs are similar to those of Irish
and American spaniels.

Some Portuguese Water Dogs have a genetic disease
called Copper Storage Disease and require a low copper diet.

Yummy Treats for Portuguese Water Dogs

Portuguese Water Dogs Need this Dog Food!

(If they have copper storage disease check with your vet first)

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