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Keeping the Puli

Breed of Dog

as a Family Pet

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Adaptable and Very Pleasant Puli Dogs are Good Pets
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Puli is a cheerful, lively and loyal little dog. They
make excellent family pets and have no trouble adapting to
most circumstances and surroundings. They are intelligent
and easy to train, however you must be in control at all
times. This dog will rule the house if you let it as they
can become willful.

Pulis do very well in agility and obedience trials as well
as the show ring. These dogs are never aggressive but they
can be wary of strangers, and when they feel they are
threatened they will give a vocal warning. The Puli isn't
recommended around small children that would pull their long
hair or tease them. Children need to be taught how to
properly treat dogs if this dog is going to become a part of
the household. Proper communication is essential with this

The male dogs stand sixteen to seventeen and a half inches
tall and weigh between twenty-five and thirty-five pounds.
The female dogs reach fourteen and a half inches to sixteen
inches in height and weigh between twenty to thirty pounds.
They can live an average of twelve or more years. The Puli
is a dog with a very good constitution. Reputable breeders
of this dog will have all of their stock's eyes tested and
will test for Hip Dysplasia. There are no known major health
problems with this dog breed.

The Puli needs to be taken on a daily walk to satisfy its
physical and psychological needs, and be sure to teach
proper leash etiquette. A Puli loves to play and romp,
especially when its owner joins in the fun. Some of them
really enjoy swimming, though they shouldn't be allowed to
swim unsupervised.

The Puli has no problem living in an apartment and adapts
well to just about any environment. They are suited to all
climates, even in the heat of Florida or cold of northern
winters. They are fairly active indoors and do fine with a
yard to play in.

The Puli has a very unique coat that begins to form cords
when they reach six months of age. The undercoat, which is
soft and woolly, twines with the harsher outer coat to form
"cords" or "dreadlocks". The "dreads" should be finger-
combed at this stage in order to create an even appearance
as the dreads form. Clumps should be torn apart by hand from
root to tip. As a rough guide, the dreads shouldn't be
thinner than the width of a pencil.

Grooming this breed is actually an enjoyable and relaxing
process when done regularly, however it does take some time
to do as the dreads are forming. Once the cords have formed
the Puli's coat is very easy to care for. Apart from
bathing and some cord separation you need to nothing else.
However, be advised that the coat takes a very long time to
dry after bathing. Eyes and ears should be cleaned regularly
with a damp cloth and nails should be trimmed regularly.
This breed does not shed. If you have dog allergies you may
try visiting a Puli owner to see if you are affected by the
Puli. Some people are and some aren't.


Dog Food and Doggie Treats for the Puli
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Long, hanging braids that hide the eyes and legs
make the Puli unique.

The thick, wooly undercoat and out coat require
and alternative food with the addition of vegetable

My Selection for a Premium Dog Food for the Puli

No Puli owner should live through the summer without
brewer's yeast and garlic as a supplement or treat.

The daily addition of raw garlic to the food will
help boost the immune system, and particularly
help avoid eye and ear problems.

Your Puli dog will Love these Succulent Treats

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