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Puppy Training

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Safe Puppy Training

Your first days and weeks with your new dog are the time to
get the dog used to you and the rest of its new environment.
By the same token, to get the environment used to the
dog. Your puppy's safety should always be the main priority
in any training you plan to do with it. Your puppy depends
on you to keep him or her safe and the best way to
accomplish this is with proper training.

Many puppy training activities really have one thing in
mind, keeping your puppy safe. For example, training such as
leash training is designed to make sure your dog doesn't run
out into the street or run off and get injured with another

Before you start leash training, be sure that the dog collar and
leash are the right size and weight for your puppy. Keep the
training as much fun for the pup as possible, puppies
instinctively and naturally follow, so it shouldn't be too
hard. If the puppy is frightened by the leash or tries to
lead you, don't yank on the leash and possibly frighten or
injure the puppy, but rather simply stop walking and don't
move again until the pup comes back to your side.

Crate training is another training that is all about puppy
safety. Although crate training is also helpful for
housebreaking a puppy, teaching your puppy or dog to wait calmly
in its crate when you have guests or are not at home can keep
it out of some potentially unsafe situations, such as eating
inedible items or being injured by falling items as it plays

Safe puppy training also includes lots of positive
reinforcement. Never strike or hit a dog for bad behavior.
Instead lead it through the correct behavior and praise and
treat it when it exhibits the behavior you are looking for.

Once you get through the basics of puppy training there are
many other fun things to teach your dog. You can teach it to
retrieve toys and sticks, play Frisbee, swim with you, or
even begin to get him or her in shape to join you on trail

While you are going through basic puppy training, your puppy
begins to respect and bond with you. This initial
relationship is important to all the other training you will
do down the road.
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