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Peppy Pets
Sept. 19, 03

What's the reasons for giving a vitamin supplement to my pets?

Why would we as pet parents consider giving our
dogs and cats a vitamin supplement in addition to
their food?

It is well known that eating the right nutrients in
a person's diet will go a long way towards preventing
most metabolic diseases from occurring in the body.
Plus the right nutrients strengthen the immune system
and keep us in general, overall good health.

Well, it's really no different for your dog and cat.
They too need the right nutrients to help keep them
as healthy as they can be and free from sickness.

It's not a good thing to have your pet suffer from
any of the illnesses they can get.

Consider that just like very human being, pets have
different chemical make ups in their bodies. Also add
in the multitude of factors like, genetics, breed
differences, environmental factors, age and activity

So what we are saying is that, your dog or cat has
a unique chemical composition and life than any other
pet out there.

So even though you may be feeding a very high quality
food and giving them healthy treats, there still may
be nutritional gaps in their diets that just aren't
being met.

Taking a dog or cat supplement is very much like having
an insurance policy, it protects against there being
an unknown deficiency of vitamins or minerals that
the rest of the diet may not address.

Tippy and Alfred and the rest of the pets here, take
their daily dog and cat nutritional supplements faithfully
and have zero health problems.

We strongly urge you to consider giving your dog or cat
a good cat and dog vitamin supplement. It's only in
their best interests.

Here's what Tippy and Alfred take:
Dr. Bick's Advanced Multivitamin and Mineral Formula
which contains a well-balanced matrix of vitamins, minerals, and
fatty acids providing your pet's body with the nutrients it needs for optimal health and well being.

To Discover more about Dr. Bick's Advanced Daily Supplement
and how it can help your pet, click here:
Supplements & Pet food for Dog & Cats


Ebony, my black lab loves the car. She is now going on 4
yrs, but when she was a puppy, maybe 6 months old, we took a
ride from Hazleton, PA to Willimantic, CT to visit my
mother-in-law. I was a little worried about the long car
ride, but figured that if we stop often she would be fine.

We put her dog bed on the back seat, with some toys and dog
bones and we hooked her in her seat belt harness so that she
couldn't bounce all over the car. We hadn't gotten very far,
when her face came up between the front bucket seats, so
very pleased that she had figured out a way to get closer to
us. We pulled over, and found that she had chewed through
the seat belt harness restraint that we had bought for her.
After a scolding, we settled her back with her toys and
started on our way again. She had gotten very quiet, and we
thought she was chewing her "good chew"-her bone, and the
next time we stopped to walk her we found that she had found
herself a really good chew---the padded handle on the door
to close the car door.

Yes, Ebony was quite a chewer. We really had to work on good
chew and taking bad chews off of her when she was young, so
much so that she got quite used to my husband or I going out
in the yard with her, and not letting her alone in our
fenced-in yard. You never knew what she would try to chew
next. She actually doesn't think she should walk out the
door without one of us going with her. Thankfully she has
outgrown that tendency, or else all our hard work training
her paid off, and she doesn't chew anything like that. Ebony
loves her car rides, and we have never left her with anyone
or with a kennel yet.

Lenore Kotsur


Hi, I wanted to tell you about my Chow Chow Jenny. Yes not
only do I tell her I love her countless times everyday I
also give her hugs and kisses. Every time I leave my house I
kiss her good-bye and tell her I love her. She is seven
years old and spoiled rotten. Since both of my children are
grown and no longer at home with me it is so nice to know
when I get home every afternoon that she is going to be
standing at the front door with a big hug waiting for me. I
also have three outside dogs.

They are Barney, Phoebe and Red. Barney is a mix of
Border Collie and my vet says his father was a traveling man!
Phoebe is Barney's mom and she is a Border Collie. Red is a
Irish Setter. I hug, kiss and tell them I love them everyday

My home is sitting on three acres of wooded land in the
country. All of my dogs are lucky enough to get to run in
the woods and we all walk down to the creek at least once a
week together. They are all very loving and friendly dogs,
but also very protective of me. I am very proud of my family
and have pictures of them on my desk at work. I have always
had dogs and I hope as long as I am able to take care of
them I will always have them.

I believe they are just another way for God to let us know
that no matter what is going on in the world that there is
always love. If you don't believe me just give your dog and
hug and see if you don't see it in their eyes! 

Brenda Bivins


I recently had to make the decision to put my little dog to
sleep, but his name was Cricket (a miniature schnauzer) and
we were best buds for over 14 years. I told him several
times a day that I loved him so much and he was my special
little boy and always would be.

I talked to him all the time and I know that he understood
what I was saying. I know that he is not in pain anymore but
he does come to see me, especially at night, because he
slept with me every night ever since I got him when he was 5
weeks old. I miss my little boy so much and my life is so
lonesome without him.

Katie Burruss

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