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Peppy Pets
Sept. 23, 03

Allergies.... What should I do to help my Dog?

A healthy immune system is designed to recognize and eliminate
any foreign protein or other substance from the body.

When the immune system over reacts (which can cause harm
to the animal), that reaction is termed an allergy or sensitivity.

While veterinarians and allergists distinguish between the
two terms based on their chemical reactions, the dog and it's
owner don't.

All they know is that the dog is uncomfortable and has problems:
To find out more about pet allergies and sensitivities, and what
you can do to alleviate the problems, go here:

My dog Has Allergies


Do You Have A Kitten?

If so, then one of the most common questions folks ask is,
what is the best way to take care of my new kitten?

Here's some really good information on the subject:
How to Take Care of Kittens

Why Do Cats Need Taurine?

Find out the answer online here:


Natural flea remedies: We found that citrus oil, and natural
citrus baths did wonders for the fleas (they were
extra bad this summer) and her (dog) coat.


My name is Cindy and I have many pets. A dog named Magnum,
two cats, Creamer and Bird, a savannah monitor name Irwin,
guinea pig name Squeaky and two rats Big Mama and Dirty
Harry. I tell them I love them all the time. I treat them
like they are my children. I hold them all the time, and
take care of them. We share a house with two ball pythons
(Lucifer and Sinner) and another cat Bling. We all get
along. I would be devastated if any of my babies, died or
got hurt.

Cindy Hamilton


I have 2 cats (Boots and Blackie) and two dogs (Zeus and
Duchess) and I always pet them, look into their eyes, and
tell them I love them. This always causes a great response.
The dogs wag their tails and lean on me. The cats purr and
jump on me. The cats are both female, both are rescued feral
cats, and are the most affectionate cats I have ever owned.

Jan Madden


Yes, my husband and I plan our vacations with our dog Star3.
She is a Belgium Shepherd, 65 lb.. She is our baby girl. We
go where she can go and if she isn't welcome then we don't
visit there. She is our life and we have had her since she
was 5 months old. We adopted her from a Animal Animal
Shelter. She is trained and she is a house dog. She has made
our life extra-ordinary by being with us. I have a picture I
would like to send you of her, when I find it. Thanks and
keep up the happy&healthypets link.
Cindy Ford


I love my two dogs and when I travel...........I take them
with me for company. It is fun to drive long distance with
your pets. My parents live in Tennessee and the drive is
over 8 hours. The travel time seems like two hours because
Taylor (Chow Chow) wants to sit in the front seat and Rock
(mix Shedard/Roc) wants the entire back seat to himself.
But, the funny thing is I must always stop in Dyersburg,
Tennessee before getting home. Both dogs like the large
hamburgers and root beer flows and if I didn't to get one for
myself at the A&W Root beer Stand I would be thinking "why
not" all the way home.

Next month, I will be driving to Wyoming (Sheridan) to see
the country and Yellowstone. I have been getting the dogs
ready for the long walks by taking them on a 7-mile walk
each day.

Herbert Jacocks, III

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