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Peppy Pets
Sept. 24, 04

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Stories about Taking Pets on Vacation

We have a 2 yr old female yellow lab named Starr. We went to
Maryland for a week because the hotel there accepts pets.
They have a beach just for your dogs. She had a blast
running from the waves. We do not like to board Starr. She
is a member of our family and if she cant go with us then
we wont go.


Our two Shih Tzu's are always included on vacation trips.
The past two years Casey Bailey and Calla Lily occupied one
of the back seats in the van and relished traveling.
Periodic stops proved beneficial to all. It is a bit
difficult to find motels/hotels who accept pets, if they
only stopped to realize that most pets are cleaner then a
lot of humans. They are an immense joy to travel with. Next
year we will have the latest acquisition, Glory, a female
feline, whom the dogs have adopted as one of the family.

Carl, Gary, Casey, Calla and Glory


One of my dogs is a min. schnauzer (Sara), she often goes
with the family & always travels with me when I go
alone...she has her own little car seat & safety dog harness!
She loves to go in the car to Grandpa & Grandmas house -
she's gone there so much she knows where she is going, we
love Sara.
Vicki Epperly


My partner and I take our dog, Butters, everywhere we go. We
went to Ohio last fall at Thanksgiving to my sisters house.
He loved the trip. He has a habit of barking at people that
walk by our van. We were not happy with him for that while
we were driving through New York, but being cute always
help. Of course, when we stopped at a hotel for the night in
Pennsylvania, he perked right up and wanted to play. Even
though we were dead tired. But he enjoyed the trip. We went
to my parents a few months ago. He loves to go there. Nice
big yard to play in and everything!!
Randy Ireland


When I was in Montana at my sons house, I went to the animal
control there in Hamilton, Mt. I wanted a female black cat
with big yellow eyes. They had several but none that really
struck me. The attendant then asked me if I had seen the one
who was behind me. 

There she was, sitting on a window sill licking her lips,
she had just has her inoculations. I picked her up and I
said this is the one I was looking for. She had only been at
the pound for several hours. I took her home with me to my
sons house. I bought her a traveling case, and she and I
flew from Washington State to Baltimore Maryland. 

She was so good in her case, but she got bored after several
hours in the air. She was so little and so black that I let
her out of her case and she crawled up my arm and slept on
my shoulder, (under my sweater, which also just happened to
be black.) When the plane landed in Minneapolis for more
passengers, I just slipped her back into her case and no one
knew the difference. When we finally reached our hotel in
Baltimore, Md. I took her up to the room and went to get
something to eat.

When I came back, she was sound asleep on my pillow, I had a
litter box for her, put it in the bathroom and she used it
just as though she had been traveling all her life. The
pillow was so funny, she just made herself at home and we
have traveled many times together. She is such a lady.


My pet goes with me on vacation or I don't go.

Judy D. Smith


Well, I have never have taken my dogs or cat on vacation as
I think other people do not enjoy having your pets in their
homes especially those who donít have any of their own. I
put a window air conditioner in my garage for my two dogs
during these hot summer days and make sure I change the
water frequently. They like cold water just like humans when
itís hot!

When I take a vacation I make arrangements with my daughter
and granddaughters to come put them in garage if it is hot
and to water and feed them. They are happier, I think, in
familiar surroundings and having people they know come and
care for them rather then leaving them in a kennel. I have
no desire to haul them with me anywhere because I can enjoy
my vacation better without having to be interrupted to care
for them and knowing they are safe and well cared for while
I am gone.

It is just a matter of personal preference, right?

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