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Black and White - Bicolor Cats
By: Alfred and Patches Marie Kitty

The Black and White breed cat is considered to be a bicolor
cat. Bicolor cats have white fur and patterns of other fur
in a different color. There are many different patterns of
bicolor cats. The "tuxedo pattern bicolor" is a Black and
White. Another pattern is called the "Van" pattern and has
color only on the top of the head and the tail.

The Tuxedo bicolor Black and White tends to have white on
the face, throat, paws, belly and sides. These white parts
are usually in splotches or irregular patches. The black
color usually makes a saddle on the back and that is why the
tuxedo pattern bicolor is usually a Black and White. Cats
with mostly white, a black patch on the back, and a black
tail and ears are called "Cap and Saddle" patterned cats.

Cats with the "Cow Cat" pattern, (black spots on a white
background like the Holstein cow) is said to have big,
playful personalities and a love of water.

This coloring can show up in any breed of cat and it isn't
restricted to one breed. But some breeds are more likely to
exhibit the pattern, including the Manx, American Shorthair,
Turkish Angora, British Shorthair, and Bombay. The coloring
occurs because of a recessive allele gene of the agouti
gene. This is what causes white spotting in an otherwise
solid color cat.

It has often been said that the color of a cat usually
determines its personality. In this case the black and white
colored cat tends to be affectionate and lively. They aren't
usually talky like a Siamese unless they have some Siamese
in them.

Most of the time these cats tend to be mixed breed or
"Alley" cats and many are kept as mousers on farms. Bicolor
cats aren't recognized as a breed in and of themselves
because this coloring can come from any breed.

They do make great companion cats and many are self
sufficient enough that they can live off of what they catch.
When properly socialized they are affectionate towards
humans and wonderful with children.

Black and white cats have been very popular in popular
fiction, not the least of which is "Sylvester the Cat" of
Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons fame.

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