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Plush Stuffed Leopards

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Delightful Leopard & Animal Calendars

Leopards spend most of their lives fairly close
to the area in which they were born and raised.

They are found in parts of Africa and southern Asia,
along with parts of Arabia, Afghanistan, India,
Sri Lanka and northern China.

Leopards can survive in grasslands, the mountains,
rainforests, semi deserts and woodlands. Leopards
found in grasslands are lighter in color than
those found in mountains, woods or forests.

Leopards are famous for their Spots! These spots
on most leopards are arranged in a type of rosette
pattern. Each individual leopard has it's own
unique pattern that is unlike any other, just like
a human's fingerprints. A leopard's spots are
what helps protect it from being seen during the day.

Unfortunately their biggest predator is man,
which often kill them for their fur.

A leopard with black fur is called a panther.
Find out more about panthers and see our
stuffed panthers.

Leopard's are different from most big cats in that
they are expert climbers. They are so powerful that
they can carry as much as 150 pounds with them as
they climb. They also spend a good bit of their
time perched on a tree limb rather than on the
ground like most tigers and lions do. They are a
social animal like tigers and lions.

See more about lions and our stuffed lions, and
tigers and our stuffed tigers.

Leopards are some of the finest predators with a
typical diet consisting of grazing mammals, pigs,
dogs, insects, fish and birds. They hunt at
early night or in dim light and have excellent
hearing and night vision.

Leopards can grow to 30 or so inches high, up to
6 foot long and weigh close to 200 pounds for the
largest of the species. Leopards only conceive once
every two years. They have a lifespan of up to
23 years.

Snow leopards live in higher climates in Asia.
See these stuffed snow leopards.

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