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Plush Himalayan Cats

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First Class Charisma

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Awesome Himalayan Cat Calendars

The Himalayan Cat
Written by: Alfred and Patches Kitty

The Himalayan Cat was bred from the Persian and the Siamese,
resulting in a cat with the Siamese color pattern but the
coat and personality of the Persian. It is generally
considered a color variation of the Persian rather than a
separate breed, although The International Cat Association
classes it as a distinct breed but groups it under the
"Persian Breed Group standard".

Characteristics of the Himalayan Cat are as follows:

- Beautiful long hair
- Chubby cheeks
- Cobby body
- Color point pattern: color on their face, ears, paws, and tail
- Complete Himalayan/Colorpoint Persian Breed Standard
- Large, expressive eyes
- Small, rounded ears set wide apart
- Vivid blue eyes

The Himalayan usually comes in seal point coloring but there
are also other color variations and patterns that can occur,
such as:

- Blue Cream Point
- Blue Point
- Chocolate Point
- Chocolate Tortie Point
- Cream Point
- Flame Point
- Lilac Cream Point
- Lilac Point
- Lynx Point in all the above colors
- Seal Point
- Tortie Point (tortoiseshell)

The Himalayan is known for its loyal, gentle, sweet
temperament that makes it a wonderful companion pet.
They can also be funny, playful and full of personality
and very much enjoy the attention that is usually
lavished upon them.

These cats are sometimes considered to be dog-like as
they do follow you around and help you if they can.
They like to lie in your lap and snuggle with you while
you lay down. They do talk and are very smart and can
learn tricks.

This particular color variation of the Persian breed is
very good with children and other animals. They are
also very healthy and can reach the old age of fifteen
if cared for properly.

Himalayans are a cat that will win your heart and often
even though you suffer through the heartbreak of losing
your beloved pet you will eventually get another
Himalayan to share your life. This breed inspires loyalty.

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