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Stuffed Snow Leopards

- Bursting with

Color and Charm -

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These Big Hearted
Plush Stuffed Snow Leopards are made from
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you and your Family with Hours of Entertaining
Enjoyment and Pleasure

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Divinely Soft plush stuffed Snow Leopard toy animals
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These Fun Filled stuffed Snow Leopards
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Stuffed Plush Snow Leopard
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Snow Leopards are similar to their cousins the leopard
but snow leopard prefer to live and hunt in higher
altitudes and colder climates.

Snow leopards mainly prey on smaller animals like
wild sheep, goats, marmots, rabbits and even birds,
but they have been known to go after animals as
large as yaks.

Snow leopards are only found in the mountainous areas
of Central, South, and East Asia from Afghanistan
to Russia and northern Mongolia, and parts of southern
China, to Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.

They are on the endangered species list.

A snow leopard's coat is actually the thickest of any
of the big cats which makes the animal look larger
than it actually is. The snow leopards thick fur on the
sole of each pad protects it's paws during winter.
When at rest the snow leopard wraps it's thick tail
around it's body to keep in warmth.

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