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Plush Stuffed

Tigers Decked out in

all their Royalty

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Tigers are becoming extinct. You can help preserve
the memory of the Majestic Tiger in all it's Glory with
these Divinely Inspired Plush Stuffed Tigers.

These Spectacular Stuffed Tigers

are so Real and Life like.

Unprecedented Colorful and bursting with Regality

So Soft & Blissfully Cuddly plush stuffed Tigers
will provide you with tons of Fun and Pleasure

These Absolutely Adorable stuffed Tigers will
give you a Splendid gift idea for any person who loves
wildlife or big cats, or is just looking for
something Unique and Cheerful to help their day go better.

You will find these Stuffed Tigers to be
almost Enchanting

Stuffed Plush Tigers
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Terrific Tiger Calendars

There have been lots of references to Tigers in
television commercials, movies and in sports.

Who can forget Tony the Tiger and Tony the Tiger Jr.
who advertised Kellogg's Sugar Frosted Flakes.
They're Grrrreat!

And the Esso Tiger who was always ready to put
a Tiger in Your Tank

In sports we have college football with it's
Louisiana State Tigers and their mascot Mike the Tiger.
Until an accident happened with the tiger's cage
overturning, they used to travel with a real tiger
as mascot.

Detroit sports the Detroit Tigers baseball team,
one of the oldest teams in the American League.

And of course the most famous sports personality
currently is Tiger Woods who consistently wins or
places in the top five golfers.

Tigers are the oldest members of the cat family,
3 species of tigers have become extinct in recent
years, the 5 remaining sub species are on the
endangered animal list.

These 5 are the Bengal Tiger, Indochinese Tiger,
Siberian Tiger, South Chinese Tiger and Sumatran Tiger.
Scientists think they have discovered a new subspecies
which they named Panthera tigris jacksoni.

The South Chinese Tiger is the most endangered with
possibly only 10 or so left in the wild. There are
some remaining in zoos.

The Javan, Bali and Caspian Tigers are now extinct
all being shot or trapped and killed by man.

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