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Is there a Breed

called Teacup Yorkies?


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The Smaller Sized Teacup Yorkie
By: Tippy

Yorkie is a nickname or slang term for the Yorkshire
Terrier. Teacup Yorkies are simply Yorkshire Terriers that
are sized below the kennel club standards, not a recognized
breed of its own. But these very small dogs are beloved by
thousands of owners.

Although the standard Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog
itself, with the standard Yorkie weight according to the
American Kennel Club at just seven pounds, breeders work to
birth dogs that are even smaller. Breeders call these
undersized Yorkshire Terriers, Toy Yorkies, Teacup Yorkies,
Micro Mini Yorkies, Teenies and the like.

The Yorkshire Terrier dog breed takes its name from the city of
its origin, Yorkshire, England, where the small terriers
that became the Yorkie kept home, factories and mines free
from vermin.

The breed was first taken to North America in the late
eighteen hundreds, and Yorkshire Terriers are now one of the
most popular breeds in the United States, mostly because of
their small size, active personalities, and attractiveness.

The Teacup Yorkies have the same intelligence, love of fun,
energy, brave, "big-dog" attitude and personality of their
larger relatives. Most don't seem to know that they are
small, and they have been known to try to defend their
people just as ferociously as if they were guard dogs.

The Yorkie's alertness and protective nature makes them
excellent alarm or alert dogs. Some have been trained as
alert dogs for the deaf or disabled. Because of their
intelligence and high activity level, however, it is of the
utmost importance that they be well socialized and obedience
trained from earliest puppyhood to avoid "small dog
syndrome" and its accompanying bad behaviors such as
dominance, yappiness, destructiveness and possible

With good breeding and proper training, however, Teacup
Yorkies make wonderful companion dogs and family pets,
adjusting to children and other pets well.

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