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Fascinating history

Tibetan Spaniels Dog

of Oriental Royalty

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Presenting to you the Tibetan Spaniel Breed of Dog
By: Tippy

The Tibetan Spaniel is not really a spaniel, which are
hunting dogs. Tibetan Spaniels were bred as pets and
watchdogs. It probably got the spaniel part of its name
because it somewhat resembles the small pet spaniels that
were popular in Great Britain when the breed was first taken
to Europe.

Tibetan Spaniels are actually in the same family of dogs as
the other small Oriental breeds such as the Shih Tzu,
Pekinese, Japanese Chin and Lhasa Apso. Al these Oriental
breeds were crossed together at various times in the far
past, and they all have similar physical characteristics
such as a shortened muzzle, profuse coats, and a curled

The shortened muzzles and large, somewhat protruding eyes
made the dogs look like the traditional Oriental lion, and
so good luck, and the long hair kept the dogs warm in the
cold climate. Today's Tibetan Spaniel, however, has a
shorter and lighter coat than most of the other small
Oriental breeds, and the muzzle is somewhat less shortened.
The hair is soft and medium-length, and may be colored in
shades of gold, red, white, fawn, cream, black, or black and

Tibetan Spaniels are longer than they are tall and the jaw
is just slightly undershot. The tail is carried curled over
the back with plumes flying. The hair around the dog's neck
is longer, providing the "lion" with a mane.

As stated, the breed was considered good luck and puppies
were popular as gifts to royalty. Owning one of these dogs
brought high prestige. They were popular in Tibet as
watchdogs for the Lamas, where they would sit all day high
on the walls and warn of anyone approaching.

The Tibetan Spaniel to this day loves to sit like a cat and
watch the world from high places, and will alert to any
strangeness without being "yappy" like some other small
breeds. (They were used to alert the house Tibetan Mastiffs
of any intruders.)

Tibetan Spaniels are excellent house dogs and need little
exercise beyond the daily walk that all dogs need, and of
course family play. Be aware, however, that small dogs often
are a challenge to housebreak, and the oriental breeds can
be willful and stubborn.

Be sure to carefully obedience train your Tibetan Spaniel
and use wise dog ownership so that your pet doesn't develop
"Small Dog Syndrome" and its resultant bad behaviors. Also
be aware that off leash your "Tibbie" will be prone to
thinking for itself and may not come when called unless it
chooses, even after training.

Tibetan Spaniels are also very sensitive to the emotions of
their people and your dog will get very upset if there are
harsh words in its presence.

Tibetan Spaniel

Nutrition for the Tibetan Spaniel
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

The Tibetan Spaniel is a sweet, gentle, fuzzy dog
that doesn't require much grooming but does need
a high quality alternative food.

Brewer's yeast and garlic treats will reward him
as they keep his coat shiny and healthy.

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for your Tibetan Spaniel here

If he gets too spirited at times, a natural
anti anxiety remedy will help calm him down.

Oily skin demands and antioxidant and Vitamin E.

Succulent Treats for Tibetan Spaniels

Natural Pet Relaxant for Tibetan Spaniels

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