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Television commercials

starring the Airwick Air

Freshener Chameleon

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The Airwick Air Freshener Chameleon Family

Meet the new Chameleon family that has been speaking for the
New Airwick Air Freshener. Other examples of Airwick animal
commercials include an Octopus, a Giraffe and an elephant.
All of these commercials have an animal theme that runs
throughout Airwick's new line of products. CGI animation in
each commercial to make the animals seem more human and
approachable is another commonality.

These animated characters all share similar characteristics.
They are all anthropomorphic (have human characteristics and
traits) - all of these characters are uprightly mobile (walk
on two feet) and have overly exaggerated faces (big eyes
mouths and noses when appropriate).

The theme that runs throughout these commercials is a simple
one that we have seen many times in other commercials and
will probably see again. Simply put, the message is: "Use
this product to make your life easier." In this case Airwick
Air Fresheners are supposed to make it better for the wife
or mother to "unwind and relax", cover up noxious smells in
the air, or help keep ones house smelling clean. All of
these commercials are centered on the female wife or mother
figure. And most of these wives or moms are hard working
animals and don't have the time or inclination to constantly
clean and make things smell better.

All of these commercials use animals that illustrate a point
by using the animal's characteristics to point out a feature
of the Airwick Air Freshener Product. For instance the
Chameleon and her two chameleon boys do not want to
advertise that they use an air freshener to help keep their
house smelling clean. Chameleons are shy and quiet
creatures. So they fade into the background along with a new
Airwick Air Freshener that doesn't look like an air
freshener although of course it is a wonderful air

Another example of the commercial use of a particular
animal's traits is the commercial about the elephant and her
centipede husband. The elephant has a really long nose and
her husband is a centipede with lots of stinky feet. She
complains about his smelly golf shoes and uses the Airwick
Air Freshener to cover up the smell of his many, many stinky
feet in her home.

The Giraffe and her two warthog children demonstrates a
mother who is "refined" and doesn't want to run around
behind her children and keep things neat and tidy and so
uses this Airwick Air Freshener to help keep up with her
wild, stinky warthog boys.

The Octopus has a new child and can't relax without her
Airwick Air Freshener and uses her multiple arms to
demonstrate how hard it is to do all the housework and keep
after a baby. So now with the help of her Airwick Air
Freshener she can "Relax and Unwind" after the days

These commercials are very subtle in ways and blatant in
others that demonstrate the products of Airwick in a
successful way, making the commercial amusing and yet
addressing the woman of today who needs a little help and
pick me up.

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