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Guinness Book of Records

for the World's

Tallest Horse

Peppy Pets
August 15, 03

Presenting Goliath the World's Tallest Living Horse

Imagine standing next to the World's Tallest Horse.
Goliath, a Percheron, is 6 foot 5 inches or 19.1
hands high.

Goliath is owned by Priefert Percherons based in
Mount Pleasant, Texas and is used for advertising
their manufacturing business where they have over
200 different things for horse, livestock and dogs.

Goliath was given the title of the tallest horse in
the world by the Guinness Book of World Records
surpassing the previous tallest horse by one fourth
on an inch.

Find out more about Percherons and Goliath

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Our little Yorkshire Terrier use to travel with us - but she
went through a storm while in the car. She has not
forgotten it - 4 yrs. ago. Every time I take her in the car
she gets very nervous and hides and shakes. I've tried mild
tranq. but it only takes the edge off. So we leave her at
home now and she has a doggie door - and we have someone
come over and feed her and check on her while we are gone.
The only car traveling she does now is to the groomers or
Vets. I really miss taking her with us.
Bryan King


Tippy Says:

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We always took our 4 cats & 4 dogs camping for a weekend, or
a 2 week vacation. Our favorite spot was Jakway Forest area,
Auora, Ia. Some of the time was spent at Shimek Forest,
between Donnellson & Farmington, Ia. Cats & dogs both went
hiking in the woods.

A reporter for a newspaper took pictures of us & the dogs &
cats at the campsite & printed it in the newspaper. before
moving back to Ia. We camped with them when we lived in
Calif. Once we camped with the dogs to Calif & back. We
stayed at a retreat house where we had worked, dogs had to
stay in the van at night. When we moved back to Iowa , cats &
dogs came with us. Trish , sunshine, suzie q, chi chi, foxy
lady, tommy, casey jones, & jessi. Morris was 15, just
passed away.
Trish Orton

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