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Is the Chihuahua the Right Breed of Dog for you as a Pet?
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The Chihuahua loves and wants to be loved. They are
extremely affectionate and like attention and petting. They
are eager to please and some can be hyperactive. They are
reputed to be "yippy" dogs but this can be curbed with
proper training. Chihuahuas that are properly bred and
trained are not "yippy". The American Kennel Club describes
this breed as being terrier-like. The long-haired variety
tends to be mellower than the common short-haired.

The most common theory of the Chihuahua's origin is that
they are descendant from the Techichi, a companion dog of
the Toltecs. There are historical records of the Techichi
that indicate that they hunted in packs.

The breed can be traced back to the ninth century. It is
highly likely that the Chihuahua is from the Techichi, which
that is slightly larger but having the same general look. It
has been suggested that the Techichi predates the Mayan

The Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world. They can be
six to nine inches (fifteen to twenty-three centimeters) in
height and weigh between two to six pounds (one to three
kilograms). These measurements are based on healthy averages
for this dog breed. They can live fifteen or more years.

The Chihuahua dog definitely prefers hot climates and does not
do well in the cold at all. They hate cold and may shiver
constantly when they are cold. They will tolerate wearing
sweaters or coats and even boots when it is cold. They are
great apartment dogs.

These dogs are active dogs and even though you may be
tempted to just carry your little dog everywhere this action
isn't good for it health. They need a daily walk to take
care of their emotional, physical and psychological needs.
Just playing with the dog will not satisfy the need for a
walk. Walking with the "pack" is a necessary part of dog
social behavior and vital to their emotional balance.

Chihuahuas can be let off the leash in a safe area and enjoy
being able to play off the leash. Just because the dog is
small doesn't mean that they don't like to play and frolic
like other dogs. They often don't seem to really know that
they are small.

The short-haired, smooth coated Chihuahua should be
regularly gently brushed and occasionally wiped down with a
damp cloth. The long coated variety should be brushed daily
with a soft bristle brush. Both types of Chihuahuas need a
monthly bath but be sure not to get water in their ears.
Check the ears regularly and trim the dog's nails when
needed. This dog breed is an average shedder.

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