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Rough and Smooth

Haired Collie

Breed of Dog

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The Finest Feeding Plan available for Collie Dogs
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

Whether your Lassie is rough, or smooth haired
(the latter has long, flowing hair), the Collie
is an exceptional pet. The Collie breed of dog should
definitely be fed a high quality protein and fat dog food!

Vegetable enzymes are helpful.

See my suggestion for the Ultimate Dining
Experience for your Collie Dog here

Antioxidants in the form of oat, wheat, or barley
grass or algae should be added to the food for
eye and whole body protection.

See my recommendation for Excellent Antioxidant Treats
With a Succulent Taste your Collie dog will love

Picture of Collie Dog

Taking Really Good Care of a Collie Dog
By: Tippy

In general the Collie is a healthy dog. Some breeding lines
are vulnerable to eye defects, PRA and hip problems leading
to arthritis and acute lameness. The tip of the Collie's
nose can be sensitive to the sun.

Be sure to check with your veterinarian and get a health
clearance certificate before you purchase a puppy. Because
of the popularity of this breed many unscrupulous breeders
have begun breeding inferior animals with bad temperaments
and poor health. Buy only from a reputable breeder to avoid
heartache later on.

The Collie has a stiff coat that readily sheds dirt and can
be kept clean and in good condition by brushing every week.
Be sure to take care with the undercoat that is dense and
soft, especially when the dog is shedding.

The smooth variety should be brushed every two weeks or so.
If the long coated variety has a big mat, consider cutting
it out instead of combing if the dog isn't being used for
show. This will avoid pain to the dog. Bath or dry shampoo
the dog when necessary. This breed will shed heavily twice a
year, and a shedding comb will be a big help at those times.

This breed, as working dogs, needs an owner that is a leader
and shows calm, consistent, confident authority. The rules
need to be set and be followed all the time. This breed
needs to be trained with reward training as they are
sensitive and will not respond well to harsher training

When the dog is a puppy they may exhibit herding behavior
like nipping at people's heels. This behavior needs to be
discouraged and not allowed. Most often when the dog reaches
adulthood this behavior is outgrown. Collie puppies are
intelligent and housebreak easily and quickly in general in
around one week, after the puppy is ten weeks of age.

Keep in mind that this dog was originally a herding dog and
needs a lot of exercise and mental activities. They make
great companion dogs in an active family. They adore
children and are protective of them. They also make great
working dogs on a farm or in a workforce setting.

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