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Using the Dog Crate to make you the Leader of the Pack
By: Tippy

It is important for your dog to learn that you are the
Alpha, "the boss" of the pack, and to obey you. If you allow
yourself to be manipulated then your dog will continue to do
so for the rest of its life. Your dog will believe that it
is the boss and you are the "beta". You need to be firm and
train your dog to behave correctly or it never will.

When you put your dog in its dog crate it is important that
you remember to remove its collar. A collar could become
caught on the wire mesh and injure your dog, or at the very
least frighten it badly and make it afraid of the crate.

Confining your puppy to the crate while paper training is
the fastest way to housebreak your puppy, or to get your
puppy to house train and not wet your carpet at night. Dogs
are averse to peeing where they sleep unless they have no
other choice. But it is preferable that you make your dog
crate your dog's den or dog bed instead of the paper training

When a dog crate is used properly it becomes your dog's safe
place where it can sleep. A good wire crate will last years
and if you get a dog crate that will be big enough for your
dog when it is full adult size according to breed standard
you can use that crate all of your dog's life.

Never make the crate become part of punishing your dog. You
want your dog to associate the crate as a good place, not a
bad place. Never force your dog into the crate. Instead lure
it in with treats and affection. Do not get angry and shout
at your puppy for wetting in the crate. A puppy can't
control its bladder well at all. Housebreaking is an ongoing
experience in most cases. If the puppy is very young, you
will be simply making the pup familiar with the concept of
control and good doggie manners.

Keep children away from the crate. This is your puppy's den
and you want it to feel safe and peaceful in the crate. If
your children or other people are constantly at the crate
and are making loud noises or otherwise disturbing the puppy
it will not want to be in the crate.

The crate can be invaluable to you as a training tool, a
home for your pet and a good place to keep your pet while
you are away. If you may travel with your dog or take it to
dog shows you simply must crate train from puppy hood.

If you know that you are going to be away for an extended
period, do not confine your dog in the crate for very long
periods of time. If you are going to be gone longer than
eight hours you should get a pet sitter. Even an adult dog
can't always hold its bladder or bowels for eight hours

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