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Understanding how

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a Dog or Puppy

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Leash training your dog is one of the most important steps
to training. Not only does your dog's ability to walk
properly on a leash give you better overall control; it is
also essential to your dog's safety. If your dog is a puppy,
get it accustomed to wearing a dog collar very early and begin
leash training at the earliest date recommended for your
dog's breed.

The whole goal of leash training is to teach your dog not to
pull or try to steer the direction of where you go. Once
your dog is leash trained it should walk with slack on its
leash near and to the side of you, and stay or heel on

To get started you will need to invest in a quality leash
and collar set. There are many different types available, do
some research on what is a good type for your dog's breed,
size and other factors. For training purposes you want a
leash that is about 6 feet long.

Leash training focuses on commands such as "heel," "with
me," "let's go" or other words or phrases that you want to
associate with the different motions. Start out by attaching
the dog lead to the dog's collar, then give the go command and
start walking.

If your dog starts to pull forward on the leash trying to
direct you, immediately stop and don't proceed again until
the dog is following commands. Your dog should be walking
near you and there should always be slack in the leash. If
the dog is pulling the leash taut it is not exhibiting the
proper leash behavior and needs more training.

When working on leash training you should bring along some
dog treats or the clicker or whatever else you may have chosen
for positive reinforcement during training. Dogs learn
quickest when you reward them for good behavior rather than
punishing them for bad behavior. When your dog follows a
command follow it up with a treat, you will be reinforcing
both the good behavior and your alpha dog position in your
dog's "pack."

If you are using "clicker dog training" you can also incorporate
clicker training into a leash training program. If you are
using the clicker for other types of training it can help
your dog more quickly grasp what you want. Teaching your dog
to walk nicely on the leash is one of the most important
skills it will learn for both your sanity and its safety.

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